On the 18th birthday of one of my favourite vloggers (that’s video bloggers for those unfamiliar with the term ) I’ve written this poem to let her know that she is in my thoughts as she starts the next part of her journey. As she is quite a chatty wee soul, an essential quality for a vlogger in my opinion I have given it the title Chatterbox I hope you enjoy the read.

  Happy Birthday Jodie X

The Chatterbox 

It has been said I can talk 

but trust me you are in for a shock

if you ever meet the chatterbox 

this one can blether on any topic 

from the weather to fashion 

lovable but yappy 

she is a very important part of my virtual family 

and has been since the day she found me 

on my difficult days I’ll watch her video blogs 

to ground me in reality

and stop me losing my temper 

when the no surrender mob 

get on my  nerves 

thoughtful , intelligent and kind 

I give her the credit she deserves 

for putting herself out there 

as a star to shine on YouTube 

she’s a good girl and when I’m watching her 

it’s  like seeing what your favourite niece 

is getting up to 

and sharing her special times

she brings out my gentler side 

well contrary to what you might think 

it does exist 

it may take time to find it 

but the chatterbox knows the secret 

and I think she’ll keep to herself 

well there are things she isn’t fond of sharing 

and my heart might be one of them 

she knows the value of the  virtual long distance auntie 

she gained  when she was just 16 

now, on the next part of her journey 

I’ll see her talk about hopes, fears , ambitions , and dreams 

and I’ll listen with without offering opinions 

though I will provide support

as and when necessary 

as she sets out to conquer the world 

I know the chatterbox will be a success 

on her terms and in her time 

like good wine she will  get better with age 

as she realises the stage is hers 

to be the leading lady in the movie of her story. 

© Gayle Smith 2017  


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