The Way I Look Tonight 

Hey Readers This poem is dedicated a brilliant young blogger who blogs under the title Half Girl Half Tea Cup. In her latest post she writes very candidly on sexual harassment and the impact suggestive comments can have on women’s confidence.

 Though the post in question was written by a younger woman, it accurately reflects the experience of women of all ages who have been at the wrong end of inappropriate remarks by men who seem to believe they can comment on a women’s appearance or style and get away with it without being called out  or questioned about their actions in any way. It is for this reason that the poem the title The Way I Look Tonight I hope you enjoy the read. 
  The Way I Look Tonight 

Lipstick chosen 

to compliment the look 

nothing too revealing

lead us not in temptation

it says in the Lords prayer 

and nobody could be tempted 

by the way I look tonight 

right ?


seduction’s song sings sweetest

 when we don’t look our best 

I suggest there may be truth 

in the belief that boys and some girls 

like girls who remind them of their mum

you know nice but plain 

beautiful but in a classic way 

like Doris Day 

It’s only when we’re coupled up 

they want us to turn on the style 

dress in something more revealing 

and may be show some cleavage

or a  bit of leg 


there is something important 

they don’t seem to get 

you see

when we make our fashion choices 

boys or other potential partners

are the last things on our minds 

as I think you’ll find

when we do decide 

we are dressing to impress 

we are doing it for ourselves 

or for other girls to see us 

  looking at our best 

and believing in the women we are 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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