The Danny Kyle Showcase Finalists. The Class Of 2017 

Hey Readers As many of you will be aware I am a huge fan of traditional music. This means that one of the highlights of my year comes as early as January, though sometimes as was the case this year it can stretch in to early February. I refer of course to the 17 days musical feast that is  Celtic connections where the traditional culture of Scotland and Ireland meet many other styles from all over the world and combine to give my city the best possible way to banish the winter blues. 

Featured Picture The Class Of 2017 Smile for the cameras on final night of the Danny Kyle Open Stage. 

Though I love the big ticket concerts and the chance to see top name stars such as Cherish The Ladies , The Chair , Dick Gaughan , and Treacherous Orchestra. There is one event above all others, which I hold close to my heart and that event is The Danny Kyle Open Stage.

This event is very much part of my personal Celtic Connections it runs every night of the festival  and has done for more years than I care to remember. It has been the launchpad for to  many a glittering career including  current  stars  such as Karine Polwart, The Chair , and Iona Marshall and will I’m sure be aware the starting place for many more in years to come.  It is to celebrate the traditional music I love and the January family it brought me that I share these photographs of The Class Of 2017 Danny Kyle Finalists. I hope you enjoy them. 

(Picture 1 ) Brighton based band An Dha were first to grace the showcase with a set which was heavily influenced by a visit to the Isle Of Skye and whose haunting melodies will leave you feeling that you’ve been taken a very enchanted and magical place.

Picture (2) Is of the only solo performer to grace the showcase this year. The brilliant  Marianne McGregor may live in Dennistoun, but this  Orcaedian singer was in my opinion the stand out performer of the year. With a voice of the quality of Rachel Sermanni and a quirky style of catchy folk / pop lyrics I haven’t heard the likes of since Anna Meldrum ,  Marianne joins many fellow islanders including the Chair and Broken Strings in taking her well deserved place in the Danny’s hall of fame. 

Picture (3) Features The Magpies This Glasgow band played a range of songs and tunes which ably demonstrated their wide repititoire of playing music from all corners of the British Isles. This eclectic trio have a real passion in their music and it shows in their professional polished playing style 

Picture (4) Shows Avocet  This trio combine blues, folk, and jazz in a way which is easy on the ear and pleasing to the audiences wherever they play 

Picture (5) The final performance of the Showcase was from Dopesickfly  This  band got the crowd smiling with a mix of Rock and Funk with edgy poetic lyrics. Surely proof if proof were needed that the open stage truly lives up to it’s name and is always willing to bring new ideas to the party 

Picture (6) The prizewinners with the exception of Whyte who couldn’t play on this occasion due to illness) pose for photographs as our compere Liz Clark offers her congratulations watched by the wee bust of the of the wee man in a bunnet in whose memory the event was named.  I am talking of course of a man I was proud to know the one and only Danny Kyle. 

Picture (7) One for the road as I miraculously managed to capture all award winners holding their awards in one picture. My congratulations goes to all as they now take the first steps on the road to bigger things and they do it as the class of 2017. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X 


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