When It Came To Winter I Went For The Comfortable Choices 

Hey Readers. Since  Spring is rumoured to be on the way , I think It’s time for my first outfit of the day post of 2017. The picture featured in this post celebrates those classic colours and combinations that we girls can wear at any time of year.  This in itself is a reason to celebrate in my opinion, especially since I like to get value for money from my wardrobe. 

This picture was taken at the Tin Hut after a brilliant night at the Words and Music Christmas Cracker but this being early in December I decided not to go too festive and wear more comfortable clothes from my capsule wardrobe so that I wouldn’t feel under pressure to look too festive too soon and getting this picture taken meant I was always going to post on it sometime after festive season was over. 

The Grey top and black skirt is I think a timeless look which help me can blend in to a crowd rather than stand out from it and can make me feel equally  at home no matter if I’m cheering on the hoops  at Celtic Park or sitting in the pews at church on Sunday Morning. I really like the smart , causal style as I think it works well for a woman of my age who has a very varied social life and needs to clothes which I can mix and match without needing to phone Gok Wan for last minute advice 

The fact I picked up  both from the River Island bargain rail for less than £20 is something that gives me a great degree of satisfaction. Well , Priscilla might be Queen of the dessert but trust me I’m Queen of the bargain rails at the high street store, not forgetting a couple of well known designer outlets.

 The jacket was bought from Top Shop more years ago than I can to remember I think it was around 2010 and illustrates the value of an appointment with a style advisor. I remember buying half a dozen items that afternoon and I think I’ve still got three of them. As I said it’s all about value for money as far as I’m concerned. 

With my satin touch tights and hotter shoes completing the ensemble, I think my understated look,  showed that when it came to winter I went for the comfortable choices. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X 


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