Political Musings On  Valentine’s Day 

Hey Readers Since this is Valentine’s Day  I thought I would write a Valentine’s themed poem to send a few tongue in cheek messagees  to our political leaders and influencers though like all humour you may find some grains of truth in my carefully selected words.  So here goes with a short selection of rhymes for those who’ve been making the news. I’ve titled this poem Political Musings On Valentine’s Day I hope you enjoy the read. 

Political Musings On Valentine’s Day. 
Nigel had a British card 

and Nigel liked his Brexit

when I saw him ín club UK 

I ran towards the exit.
Tony loved really loved himself 

and waved his Union Jack 

until I finally handcuffed him 

for crimes against Iraq. 
Humza Yousaf works so hard 

and never ever complains 

so make his Valentine’s day complete

but please don’t mention trains.
With Mhairi’s Paisley patterned chat 

the voters hearts were melted 

I have to say it made my day 

when Labour got black belted.
 David  Cameron looks so lost 

he seems in great distress 

In fact I think it’s fair to say 

the man’s an Eton mess .
I’ve got a job for Gordon Brown 

so bring him up  from the attic 

he’s rearranging deckchairs  

and he’s starting on Titanic .

Jeremy Corbyn seems ok 

his favourite colour is red 

but Kezia ran to the Daily Mail  

when she found him under the bed.


Boris lost the Tory job 

but  Boris had a plan 

forget the honey monster now 

it’s time for Wheatabix man.
Ruth was so pleased with her Westminster card 

that she told rebel Scots to calm down 

until a fortune teller claimed

she would soon get a job as a clown 

The Lib Dems say Tim’s the man 

their Valentine has no fears 

they claim the future has a name 

It’s called the Farron years. 
I honestly like Willie Rennie

he always e-mails me 

but Nicola Sturgeon has no fears

I’ll stay with the SNP.
 My  Valentine’s message to Michael Gove

concerns the state of the press 

If you believe The National’s bad 

you’ve not read The Daily Express 

To Murdo Fraser I will send 

a song to be respected 

Alice Cooper will tell him 

that when voters speak 

he’ll never be Elected.
If you ask a non Tory our favourite month 

I know just what we’ll say 

in unison we’ll answer June 

well we can’t wait to get rid of May.
To Better Together on Valentine’s Day 
with a thank you for telling our story  

this has card has been sent by the BBC 

with love from Jackanory 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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