I Like To Say Boux To A Top Drawer Service 

Hey Readers. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. As you know or at least you should, this is the one day of the year when the press and  media inform us that it is ok for our loved ones to show us some affection and if we’re lucky shower us with gifts. 

It is also the day when lingerie boutiques see more clueless customers than at any time in the year with  the possible exception, of Christmas Eve. This is due to the fact that they will see more men in one day than they will for the rest of the year as many men look to buy us ladies what they think we might like as a nice wee surprise. 

To help them out I have decided to post some photographs of the kind of things I like to buy from Boux Avenue which as you will know if your a regular reader is my favourite place for buying what I would call more intimate items. 

Picture (1) Shows what we were wearing in Summer 

Picture (2) Illustrates what we were wearing at Christmas 

Picture (3) Shows a different shade of winter.It may not be so Chrustmassy as the previous look, but is ideal for when the decorations come down but we still want to feel as glamourous as the season allows. Needless to say this was a very popular set with those of us whose seasonal colours tend to be black , silver, and blue and tend to be or at least appear to be a bit more conservative  in our fashion choices.  

Picture (4) Has the classic look we could wear all year round. This the kind of look I could wear every weekend and feel both glamorous and comfortable in doing so. This is why when it comes to lingerie black along with white , and nude , should be the staples of every woman’s secret drawer. Well I say it’s a secret drawer because it’s probably the one place in our homes where no man dares to look for fear of blushing.  

So what will you buy the woman in your life ? If you are going to buy her some  lingerie as well as not instead of the chocolates,  and the flowers, then I suggest you take a trip down to Boux Avenue to before parting with cash. On getting there you will find a range of stunning products and be provided with excellent customer care from staff who pride themselves on delivering a top drawer service. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X  


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