Hey Readers As I look back on the magic that was Celtic Connections one of my highlights from this year’s festival came on a cold and windswept Thursday night when I was lucky enough to get the chance to see Fara and Cherish The Ladies. This was the ultimate in what some in the media would call  Celtic girl power though to be honest I think woman power would be a far more accurate description. Being a big fan of both bands particularly Fara, this was must see show and I’m so glad I got a ticket for what was an amazing evening of entertainment. It is with this memory still firmly in my mind I decided to write a poem to a band who will always have a place in my heart that band are Fara. As there are four members in the band I have given it the title Quartet I hope you enjoy the read. 


On a cold January night

four Orcadians take to the stage 

warming the hearts of the audience 

daughters of tradition they compliment each other well 

 playing hornpipes, jigs, and reels 

to get feet stamping, toes tapping

and smiles on faces 

as they play the winter wind stops to listen 

and in doing so  calms for a while

then casting rivalries aside

they play tunes from a Shetland fiddler

this quartet who grew up together 

know each other well 

there is chat between sets 

though it has to be said 

one member, is the blether of the band 

Jeana has the crowd in the palm of her hand 

as they play tunes they composed 

with passion pride and power 

on listening I am taken to a faraway place 

I am in no hurry to leave 

I didn’t manage to get their CD 

but the memories created will last 

as  long as time endures 

in the cold of late winter 

I am warmed by daughters of tradition 

who claim their inheritance 

with passion, pride, and power 

all too soon they depart the stage 

leaving the night to others 

I return from my faraway place 

knowing I will visit again 

to see the band who made my heart dance

on a night I saw stars 

shine in the January sky 

@ Gayle Smith 2017  


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