Girls Of The Old School 

Hey Readers. As this is LGBTIQ History Month I thought this poem may be appropriate to share as I have many older lesbian friends and not all of them are comfortable in the bars, or clubs which some of us refer to as the scene. It is with this in mind I wrote this poem on the challenges of dating  from the perspective of an older lesbian and because I could I decided to have her dating a trans woman who for poetic purposes I have given the name Lorna. Well I had to put something of myself in it to give it authenticity and trust me there is such a thing as trans lesbians. It is with this in mind, that I wrote this poem I have given it the title Girls Of The Old School I  hope you enjoy the read. 

Girls Of The Old School 
They met though mutual friends 

chatted for a while 

exchanged nervous smiles 

chatted some more over coffee 

 hands touched but not held 

at least not yet

Lorna tries to be ladylike 

not forget herself

as butterflies dance 

she asks her companion

 what she’s doing at the end of  the event 

probably going home she replies

Lorna says she is going to a bar 

to see what occurs 

circumstances mean she arrives late

she is surprised to her new friend 

 waiting for her 

 offering to buy her a drink 

she accepts , they move  to a more intimate area 

the comfortable seating helps them relax

 enjoy each other’s company 

talk about family 

her friend  says she held back on things 

for the sake of her kids 

now there grown up 

with children of their own 

 she doesn’t want to be alone 

she just wants some woman time and some fun 

like all nice girls she deserves it 

she asks about Lorna

who tells her she’s never been happier than now 

Lorna is honest and says she hasn’t had surgery yet 

she teases her gently and asks her 

what her family would say 

if she told them her new friend 

was a different kind of girl  

she answers confidently 

this is a journey to her world

as she says they wouldn’t mind 

they just want her to be happy 

suddenly they bond 

and it dawns on them that this feels like the dating game 

her companion says they  should meet again 

they should go dancing 

have fun

the way women do 

Lorna blushes and thinks she is sweet sixteen 

as she waits for the taste of  forbidden lust 

the night ended with a parting cuddle

Lorna’s heart races as she thinks on a proper date 

and what to wear 

just in case they get a bit more daring

suddenly she is impatient for a time 

which will come when nature decides 

the time is right for adventure 

and girls of the old school 

feel younger in each other’s arms. 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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