When I Talk Of Fierce Women 

Hey Readers I have always said there is no power more inspiring than that of female friendships and I hope this poem shows why I believe this to be true. It’s dedicated to the most incredible collective of women I have ever been lucky enough to call friends all of whom participated in the women with fierce words event at the Scottish Poetry Library. On a day which will never be forgotten by those of us who were privileged to be part of it  I made new friendships and strengthened existing ones it is for these women I have written  this poem which is titled When I Think Of Fierce Women I hope you enjoy the read. 

When I Talk Of Fierce Women 

When I talk of fierce women 
I talk of sisterhood, and loyalty 

I talk of passion , equality, and transition

I talk of women on a mission 

to be the change we want to see in the world

who will stand with women and girls 

in every fight we face 

I speak of women who empower others

who have discovered the power of our voices

and say loudly , proudly and clearly 

a women’s place is wherever she wants it to be 

I won’t allow restrictions to be placed on me 

by any man with outdated sexist attitudes

fierce women do not accept platitudes 

nor will we be sidelined or ignored 

when a lioness roars you will hear her call 

women walk tall and can say what needs said 

without engaging in conversation 

there are occasions when our silences

speak far louder than any words ever will 

ask any girl and she will tell you 

there is ferocity in our friendships

we form the strongest of bonds

we do not accept stereotypes 

like so-called dumb blondes

or claims that red hair gives a women a temper 

 we shop at Top Shop, River Island , Monsoon, and Marks And Spencer 

we know that patriarchy has an agenda

and mysogny and poverty are chains to stop us fulfilling our dreams

when I talk of fierce women

I think of fighters for justice 

from the schemes and the shires 

calling out liars and giving our opinions 

whether you like them or not 

I think of sisters who fought alongside me 

come rain or shine 

 who know the red lines we will never accept

 I value the comradeship of campaigers I met on protest marches 

for  causes I supported and always will

I respect the girls who studied hard for their degrees

to make this world the best it can be 

 and those talented poets I call friends 

who express themselves quietly and vocally 

locally and globally

In Possilpark, Portobello, and Peru 

from Tollcross to Tain  and Timbuktu 

we will make ourselves visible 

we will reclaim the night

we will not be hidden from sight 

to suit those gray suits with even grayer minds 

when I talk of fierce women 

I think of  Emily Davidson, Mary  Barbour, Rosa Parkes,

and so many others too numerous to mention

I think of women of all ages 

who never claim centre stage 

as they have every right to do 

when I think of fierce women 

I think of women like me and you 

who will do whatever we can 

in a million small ways 

to be the change that makes the world better 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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