On the day Donald J Trump becomes the 45th President of The United States Of America I post my thoughts on his inaurguration and what it may mean for my American friends. I’ve given it the title Inurgaration I hope you enjoy the read.

As I watched the inauguration of President Trump

my thoughts were with my American friends

poets like Carly a former Scottish slam champion

who says what she sees

expresses her concerns for humanity

with words of empathy and compassion

I remember she told of her embarrassment at the fact

that though she loved Texas

she couldn’t take it to parties anymore

and Katie who wrote a letter to her future daughter

which will let her know how valued and cherished she will be

by a mother whose poetry and love for life

will empower her beyond anything

she could have imagined

these women weave words

in patterns Uncle Sam can be proud to have shaped

These are the voices which can make America great

the founding mothers and fathers

know this to be true

they had a global view of the world

because they knew their children came from other lands

to blend together in melting pot that is the USA

It is this land that has given me

the gift of strong women

poets who have something to say

about the human condition

which makes us who we are

the land of the star spangled banner

has bequeathed me a personal legacy

in which Brittany played her part

as I enjoyed her words and sentiments behind them

when it comes to friends

I won’t get better than Arielle

who holds me in her heart

viewing me as her aunt across the Atlantic

now I am frantic with worry

about what this may mean for them

their families and communities

for the American dream and equality

for democracy and human rights

Trump supporters will say

this is the day that America starts to fight back

but to those of us watching in Scotland and elsewhere

this imperialist agenda smacks of despair

and a country which had given us

the reasoned voices of Lincoln , Roosevelt, Parks, Kennedy, and King

was singing a chorus of desperation

a once proud nation reduced to this

empty words replacing visions

ambitions limited only to those who can afford them

the rest of the people will be ignored

discarded in the void

the old and unemployed left to rot

Women treated as second class citizens

as for immigrants the land which was built by them

will be a very difficult place

for those starting out on that road

in a land of opportunity , freedom, and choice

the only voices respected

will be those of the wealthy

whose influence will increase

at the expense of the poor

meanwhile the giants carved on Mount Rushmore

look down on a deeply divided country

in which things could turn ugly

as I watched the transfer of power

I prayed for the poets, the thinkers, the liberals

at this critical time in their history

In the knowledge that the next four years.

will be testing times

and the land of the free

will have to be

the home of the brave

@ Gayle Smith 2017


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