Winter Miracle

Hey Readers

With the winter weather conditions in parts of Europe being shall we say a wee bit on the chilly side, I thought it would be as good a time as any to write a poem which is based not so much on climate change but on adjusting to a change of climate. I’ve given it the title Winter Miracle I hope you enjoy the read.
Winter Miracle

I remember a boy who had never seen snow.

his family moved to Australia before his first birthday

on his return home he got excited

as sitting near the window

he saw for the first time

white flakes fall from the sky

the teacher allowed him to go to the window

to watch what to his young eyes

was a winter miracle

as he viewed the majestic power

of his first snowfall

his silence spoke more than than any words

he gazed in awe struck inspiration

as he witnessed our playground turn

from gray to white

in a matter of minutes

when we went over to join him

our teacher’s patience

was stretched to the limit

and we were quickly ordered

to get back to our seats

on that December morning

she reminded us

this was something we had seen many times

In our eight or nine years on this earth

and our new schoolmate realised

that this time of year really was winter

as a frosty atmosphere left a chill in the class

where it stayed till the dinner time bell

@ Gayle Smith 2017



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