Global Lies 

Hey Readers. 

This is a poem on climate change and the impact that greed under the banner of globalisation can and does have on our natural environment. I’ve given it the title Global Lies. I hope you find it an enjoyable but thought provoking read. 

Global Lies 

As a geography graduate
I know
our resources are finite
despite some people’s denials
telling global lies
in the name of globalisation
isn’t inspirational
it’s criminal neglect
of our shared environment
it shows contempt for humanity
the insanity of this behaviour
will eventually mean
even our saviour will give up attempting to save us
we are the lost generations
the children of all nations
who were told we could
we would have it all
but we had  no plan B
to cope with the changes
we would face
as fish stocks were depleted from the seas
and fossil fuels polluted the ozone layer
I despair at our thoughtless actions
yet with smug satisfaction
we complain
about the intentions of others
it’s time we discovered
the power of a mirror
and looked at the damage
we’ve done to our world
the truth of the matter is
we are well aware
of the catastrophic consequences
of this carnage by gradualism
our leaders lack
the vision we need to save ourselves
from to quote Burns man’s inhumanity to man
greed is the ultimate seducer
which abandons us all
to our fate

@ Gayle Smith 2017


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