Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant

Hey Readers

Since beginning my journey to womanhood I have noticed the amount of sexism woman have to put up with is absolutely frightening. As a trans woman I have been at the wrong end of this behaviour when who are not in my intellectual or cultural league have attempted to patronise me by assuming they have a superior knowledge on any given topic. Needless to say I do not approve of this mansplaining and the guilty parties have been very short shrift and more often that not been corrected on their mistake and put in their place after being on the receiving end of one my famous rants. The fact that women still have to put up with this behaviour in 2017 is in my opinion completely outrageous so if written this poem to give those mansplainers a friendly word of advice and titled it Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant. I hope you hope you enjoy the read.

Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant.

There are times you shouldn’t interrupt a woman

especially me

like see when I’m in the middle of a rant

and you try to put your point across

you do so at your own risk

this is not something I would ever advise

neither are lies or attempting to mansplain anything to me

you don’t think I get

because I’m a woman

don’t dismiss me because I’m trans

I will just keep going

you will have no way of knowing

how to stop me

no man does though many have tried

it’s as futile as attempting

to hold back the tide

with one hand

what is it about this simple fact

 you don’t understand

I am a woman who knows why I’m ranting

and what I’m on about

don’t tell me not to shout or raise my voice

my opinions and my choices

do not need to meet with your approval.

to think otherwise is completely delusional

words like honey, doll or darling

will not sweeten me up

or disarm me from saying what I like

I know my rights and will not be afraid

to defend them if that’s what is required

you need to learn

playing with fire is dangerous

it’s a risk you need to avoid

as it can have consequences

which you might not like

you need to remember

I’m not easily frightened

I have powers beyond your imagination

I can be your inspiration

or the nightmare which lurks

in the darkest corners of your imagination

so take this advice

I give you for free

there are things you don’t do

to any woman be it me

your girlfriend, your mother, your sister,

your wife, your daughter, your gran, your niece or your aunt

you must never and I mean never

interrupt a woman in the middle of a rant.

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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