A Good Song

Hey Readers. At this time of year when we look back on our memories of new years past our minds can travel back to some very strange places. It was as I let it in take me on a journey that I found myself at the traditional hogmanay/ ne’erday parties which were a feature of my teenage and early adult years in the Glasgow of 1970’s and the early 1980’s. It was as I  reflected on those memories not all of which were pleasant
particularly for the Celtic supporters in the company like me and my dad or my fiercely Republican maternal gran I  wrote this poem entitled A Good Song I hope you enjoy the read. 

A Good Song

At  Christmas and New Year parties
the tradition was one singer, one song
some of the choices were just so wrong
I wouldn’t allow anyone to sing them in my house
now before you think I’m all mouth
remember this
my church of Scotland grandad
flung a Rangers fan
out the door for singing the sash
though I think he would have approved of Scottish breakaway
the lyrics more in tune with his political thinking
no united kingdom for him
my granny told me the clue was in the name
a kingdom for the rich
never appealed
to my ancestors who preached socialism
with an almost missionary zeal
but would have hated any unionist Labour hacks
so proud of their union jacks
and ermine robes
the parcel of rogues that shame Scotland my gran said.
that party would be better off dead
after the betrayals they’ve committed
Atlee and Bevan would have been ashamed
at the antics of the professionally British
who are too wrapped up in their self importance
to give a damn about voters
they neglect
as soon as their elected 
respect was the name of their game
as it is mine
now I unlike the real JC
I can’t do miracles with water
or turn it in to wine at five seconds notice
but I don’t claim I can
you see I don’t have a cunning plan
or voters to convince
I don’t do subtle hints
for opinions
I say what I see
what you get is the real me
like it or not
I am as I’ve been shaped
by environment and circumstances
I am not afraid to take chances
If I think it’s right to take them
I live life so I make mistakes
I learn from them and don’t repeat them again
I will do whatever I can to empower others
who knows what I’ll discover along the way
or what skills I will learn as I go
to me life is about having the potential to grow
develop new talents and nurture those gifts you’ve given
be ambitious by all means
but don’t trample on other people’s dreams
just because you can
arrogance like that
will lose you more friends that it gains
if it rains accept it happens for a reason
believe in yourself and sing your song
with dignity
and most of all with authenticity
a good song comes from the heart

@ Gayle Smith 2017


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