If I Can Be The Best Woman It’s Possible To Be My Mum Can Have A Daughter To Be Proud Of.

Hey Readers

I’ll start this my first post of 2017 by wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year and hope that it brings you whatever you need in the measure you need it.

As for me I am very fortunate that in the these turbulent times I have a home,  a flatmate who is also my best friend and a rich rewarding and varied life filled with friends from all walks of life  who value me for being the woman I am.

When the bells rang in this new year I have no doubt many of you made resolutions some of which were made in  the spur of the moment  whilst others will have been more goal focused and planned for months to be announced just before your first ne’erday drink.

Not having too many vices apart from lustful thoughts on Donny Osmond and I’m not giving them up for anyone I often struggle with resolutions  but I think this year I’ve finally come up with up a good one which may actually be achievable.

Now before you ask I should explain that it’s not poetry or blog related though I have resolved to myself at least to promote them both as relentlessly as I can without driving the rest of the world to distraction. This one however is far simpler than those related to poetry , or indeed to this blog.

So you may be wondering what it is I want to do which should be both easy and life affirming ? Well it’s simple really during the coming year I want to be the best woman I can be and be a role model for women not only for other trans woman but for girls and younger women more generally.

I aim to do this not only by living as the woman I know myself to be, but by the way I live in all areas of my life be it in the spoken word and cultural scene, in my  political life, or in my local community.
To be honest I believe I am already doing this and have been for a number of years however I know that sometimes trans woman are judged cruelly and unfairly by those who are shall we say of a less accepting nature.

Thankfully this kind of prejudice is declining in Scottish society and the last Scottish Social Attitudes Survey illustrated the positive change in attitudes which has occurred in the last few years.

That said , there are what one leading Scottish politicians
referred to as  wee things which I can do as an individual trans woman which though small may matter a lot more than you think.

For example if I can listen to that teenager who thinks the world’s against her and let’s face it all did at that time , or make time for that older woman who chats to me as I hurry home from the shops and never sees anyone else for the rest of the day then then I’m doing what my mother would have done. You see I’ve always known what my mother told me when I was 12 and fancied Donny Osmond was true. There is as she said I a lot to be being a woman than mini skirts and make up. God knows I haven’t worn a mini skirt for 20 years but what my mum was trying to explain was that we live a different life from men and what she didn’t get at the time was that was the life I wanted

Eventually of course the life I wanted became the life I live and though I know I’ll still face challenges on this journey I’ve decided to take I know that if I can do the wee things that I’ve said I’ll try to do I may yet have a resolution I can stick to and honour my mother’s memory by giving her  a daughter she can been proud of

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


4 thoughts on “If I Can Be The Best Woman It’s Possible To Be My Mum Can Have A Daughter To Be Proud Of.

    • Hey Beth Happy New Year and thanks for being such a great supporter of tartan tights. I really appreciate your comments and I agree that there would be more than just my mum who would be proud of me. Though to be honest, I never really had to work as hard for my dad’s approval.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

    • Hey Davina. Coming from a granddaughter my mum and dad would have been proud of this is a brilliant compliment. I’m so happy that you’ve let me in to your life that I plan on staying in it for as long as you’ll let me.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

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