What I Got For Christmas Proves That I’ve Been One Of The Good Girls

Hey Readers

As everyone is always curious about what our friends got for Christmas I thought I share what I got on the blog.

As you will see in this collection of photographs Santa has been good to me and I have been a very lucky lady with all the presents I received.

Picture (1) Shows the presents I got from my friend Victoria who spoilt me far more than I deserved with gorgeous nail polish, a good quality face cream , and a stunningly beautiful Celtic broach.


Picture (2) Shows some of the River Island haul I got from the money Janette gave me. As you can see, I got a lovely pink long sleeved top and a two pack of black tights. Well black does tend to go with any colour so it works well with any outfit.


Picture (3) Demonstrates the fact that I can be a savvy shopper as I also bought the same top in white and I think you can just about see it in this shot.


Picture (4) Shows the rest of my River Island haul which I wore to the Watch Night Service to welcome in Christmas morning and I think you’ll agree it looks reasonably festive. Well as my friend Fiona says red is the Christmas colour and I like the idea of teaming it up with a black skirt and black sparkly tights to complete the festive look.


Picture (5) For my last picture in this post I have to thank my flatmate’s mum for her generosity as she gave me a Christmas bag with woman’s stuff and a box of roses chocolates which always go down well in our house.


You know, all things considered I think Santa was very good to me this year, but so he should be. Because I’ve heard it said, he knows if you’ve been bad or good so I think by his generosity to me and by what I got for Christmas Santa has proved beyond doubt that I’ve been one of the good girls.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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