What I Wore To The Watch Night Service Was Selected By Santa’s Little Helpers  

Hey Readers

In my 24th Blogmas post. I thought I’d post an outfit of the day post. Though if I’m being honest I think it would be more accurate if I called it my outfit of the night as this is what I wore to the watch night service last night. Well a girl has to get glammed to welcome the arrival of our Lord and saviour and as you can see, I managed to dress to impress.

As it was rather a cold Christmas eve (now where have I heard that line before), I decided to wear my long winter from Marks and Spencer which was gifted to me by my friend Lesley a couple of Christmas’s ago and never has a gift been more gratefully received. I like this coat for three reasons.

(1) It’s comfortable
(2) it’s stylish
(3) it’s warm

and believe me the last of those reasons is by far the most important.

Apart from my ever reliable Hotter Shoes everything else in this outfit comes from River Island and not just any River Island but the River Island in the Buchanan Galleries where I am lucky to get VIP treatment every time I shop there. Well the girls certainly know how to make me feel like a VIP and nobody will quite understand how good that makes me feel.

On this occasion since I was Christmas outfit shopping they helped to select this gorgeous red top, combined with a black skirt which I think is knee length though it may sit just above. I really like this skirt and I love the lace detail which sits at the bottom edge of it.

To finish off my look I treated myself to a pair of a black glittery tights to give it the full festive look and that was my watch night look well and truly completed. You see even in my mid 50’s I want to look as stylish as I can and I think this look really worked well as I was complemented by one of our younger more stylish conscious girls who said I rocked the look and really suited red.

Personally I think she was right but whilst part of that is the fact I wore it well part of it is down missy Christmas having a team of stylish stylists who can’t do enough for me and who really are best little helpers I’ll ever find anywhere. I hope they all had a magical Christmas god knows they totally deserve it.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle XXX


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