Christmas At Carol’s 

Hey Readers

On day 21 of Blogmas I post a poem on that friend.  Yes we’ve all got one. You know the one I’m talking about, the one who starts singing Christmas songs on the 1st of November and never seems to stop. Well I wrote this poem for their friends aka the rest of planet earth and I titled it Christmas At Carol’s I hope you enjoy the read.  

Christmas At Carol’s

Christmas tree lights the design of her tights 

her Santa suit dress is a stunner 

the cards replace her wallpaper

the postman does a runner 

she wishes Merry Christmas 

to all she can remember

but just one thing annoys her friends

she started in early November 

The first day of the month I’m fact

just after Halloween

she’ll put her decorations up 

It really is obscene

she’ll sing along to festive songs

whilst other people shop 

one day we’re going to call the police

this really has to stop 

Christmas at Carol’s, means carols all night 

and maybe a song in the morning 

silent night to our Carol is only a dream 

and she’ll sing without giving you warning 

she might tell you Santa was coming to town 

or blast out a song of good cheer 

so come all ye faithful but if you want peace and quiet 

don’t visit till after new year 

.@ Gayle Smith 2009 


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