As We Take An Extra Second To Share Our Tales Of Tinsel We Provide A Trail Of Evidence Of The Proof That We Were Here

Hey Readers On Day 16 I look back on an amazing day of poetry as I attended two very different though equally enjoyable events and all in the name of culture. The first stop was the Gallery of Modern Art for Tinsil Tales which for those who don’t know is the Federation of Writers Scotland annual Christmas celebration and later on in the evening I went the First Birthday Party of Extra Second Poetry at the Blue Chair which as regular readers will know is one of my favourite places to hang out. Below you will be treated to a selection of photographs of the poets who helped make this day so enjoyable for me.

In Picture (1) Colin Will performs his poems at the Gallery of Modern Art. It was lovely to see Colin as he has been and I am sure will continue to be a great source of encouragement to me and more influential than he thinks in my development as a poet.


Picture (2) Shows another great friend in former Maker Anne Connolly who like Colin been a huge influence on me over the years and whose quiet unassuming nature disguises a poet who is universally admired by poets of all ages, and styles.


Picture (3) Shows outgoing makar Elizabeth Rimmer looking on after handing the shield to her successor a highly delighted Andy Jackson.


By time I had taken Picture (4) I had changed venues in the poetic game of two halves and arrived at the Blue Chair for the Extra Second first birthday party. This picture shows one of the night’s most  regular suporters and  all round good guy Sam Small on the mic giving a wonderful performance worthy of such an occasion 

Picture (5) Has one of the faces that no Extra Second would be complete without. Paul Wardrope has attended every session of the magical monthly culture fest and his raps have become an important part of what gives this night its uniquely enjoyable flavour. 

Picture (6) No Extra Second party would be complete without a picture of the man who started this excellent night the one and only Johnny Cypher. 

Picture (7) Shows the lovely Shannon McGregor making sure she is sitting comfortably to get the best possible view of the evening’s entertainment. 

Picture (8) Is my last photograph in this post and sees a force of nature so powerful her words can blow you away. I refer of course to the majestic Molly McLachlan who came down from Aberdeen to be part of this occasion. That however is what poetry does it makes friends of strangers who make sense of our world as we take a common journey on the same creative train. So in galleries and cafes and wherever else we gather to share our tales of tinsel and our musings through the years we will take an extra second and remember as we do so that our musings are our legacy as they leave a trail of evidence as proof that we were here.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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