Dolled Up On The Doorstep (The Story Of My Christmas Nails 

Hey Readers. 

Like any girl I love being pampered and on day 15 of Blogmas I decided to treat myself by going to my local beautician and getting my nails polished before heading out to the Gallery of Modern Art and then The Blue Chair for a busy day of spoken word poetry. Well there are times when a woman has to spoil herself and this festive Thursday was definately one of those days

 On arriving at the salon I was in the seating area, for no more than five minutes before being taken in to the nail bar by Joan who as the boutique’s nail technican would be undertaking the task of adding that festive glamour in to my life. 

Picture (1) Was taken just after my nails were done in the CK 1 Salon in Baillieston Main Street. 

As you can see, Joan did a brilliant job in giving me the full treatment and my nails were given  a quick file buff, and clear polish before she applied the first coat of this lovely Apple Red nail polish which I think you’ll agree is the perfect choice for the party season 

As I posed for this photograph of my newly polished nails a young fashion conscious teenager who was in the salon getting her hair styled for the coming festivities commented on how pretty my nails looked.(see picture below) Now to get any kind of compliment from a teenager is very warmly welcomed but was perhaps even more so when you consider I was heading to two spoken word events in one day. 

Picture (2) My Apple Red Nails. (This picture was taken just in case the first one didn’t work 

As I said CK1 is a local business but perhaps I didn’t say quite how local as it’s less than five minutes from my home. This is really handy as it cuts out all the stress of having to go in town. Well given the choice of going in to the city centre to get pampered or supporting a local business who do just as good a job if not better.I know what choice I would make and I’d make it every time because if I’m honest  I would much prefer to  get dolled up on my doorstep. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X  


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