Tis The Season To Be Daring (My Festive Review Of The Boux Avenue Christmas Selection)

Hey Readers

It’s Blogmas , it’s day 14 and amazingly I haven’t yet started to panic but I have paid a visit to my my favourite lingerie boutique to what they’ve got for Christmas and as usual Boux Avenue have more than a few festive frillies fit to grace any woman’s most personal of drawers.

Picture (1) Festive Balconette Bra comes with matching knickers and would surely be enough to seduce any Santa who saw you in it


Picture (2) This seasonal plunge bra would be enough to make any women feel festive and as part of a gorgeous gift set with matching knickers and suspender belt it could to paraphrase the Spice Girls be the ideal lingerie to spice up your Christmas.


Picture (3) As we girls know and half price offer is always difficult to resist. This offer of buy one and get another one is I have to say a very tempting one especially, when it’s these red plunge bras. I mean there just so me don’t you think?


Picture (4) Though red is viewed as the most festive of all colours. These silver and silver/black bras are also very seasonal and even with your lingerie a change can be as good as a rest. Personally if I were to this colour, I would wear it with a matching knickers and a black or silver dress and satin touch tights to add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

Picture (5) This set of red bra, knickers and suspender belt would be the ideal gift for a woman with hidden passions. Buy it and you may bring out her inner seductress. Go on be daring you know you want to be.


Picture (6) my final picture in this festive selection box from my favourite lingerie boutique I capture two bras in the same shot with both dark green and Black which really is every women’s must have colour featured in the shot. Yet again, if you look closely, you can see a nice wee reminder of the special offers in store, and you look below the black bra you will not only see matching knickers and suspender belt you will also black stockings to complete the set. Go on guys treat us to the works you we deserve it. Why? Well I’ll tell you. As you know, in the song Deck The Halls there is a line, which says tis the season to be jolly but when a girl shops at Boux Avenue she knows that Christmas is


The Season To Be Daring

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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