The Best Christmas Present 

Hey Readers It’s Day 13 of Blogmas which means we are more than half way through  the toughest of all Christmas challenges and some people may well be asking what’s the best present you can give someone so ive decided to post this festive poem to give you helping hand I’ve titled it The Best Christmas Present I hope you enjoy the read 
The Best Christmas Present 


The season of goodwill 

manic shoppers 

jingling tills 

kids with with wish lists 

which grow by the day 

cards to be sent 

the nativity play 

trees lined with tinsel 

mistletoe maddies 

panto, a story of goodies and baddies

over indulgence 

with Turkey and drink 

I pause for a moment 

and take time to think 

the meaning has drowned

in materialism 

presents should not be 

the only gifts given 

the greatest reward 

you can give on the day 

is a priceless commodity 

which will never fade away 

it doesn’t get wrapped up

with ribbons and bows 

it comes within you

and believe me it shows 

it’s worth more than anything 

money can buy 

you can give to someone 

each day till you I die 

so don’t search the shelves 

this gift comes from above 

the best Christmas present 

is the presence of love 

@ Gayle Smith 2005 


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