Trees And Tartan Wrapping Or Something More Traditional I’ve Always Been A Chocolate Girl When Temptation Comes To Call.  

Hey Readers 

On day 12 of Blogmas I think all of us who are taking on this crazy creative activity are due a little reward and I know just the place to go to get the most yummy reward of all.

It’s no secret I love chocolate and I really love Thornton’s chocolate and this is a brilliant time of year to pop in and see what they’ve got on display. I went in for a quick look round, of course I should add that I bought my usual bar of Turkish Delight whilst I was there but believe me Thornton’s know how to do Christmas in style.

Picture (1) shows my favourite kind of Santa, a Thornton’s chocolate Santa. I do hope someone remembers to deliver this present to me.


Picture (2) Continues the festive theme shows Santa wrapped in tartan. Now considering my blog name is tartantights you could be forgiven for thinking I might be on a patriotic side and you would of course be right. Well there is only thing better than chocolate wrapped in tartan and that’s a hunky man wrapped in tartan.


Picture (3) The gifts shown in this picture are exactly the kind I would like to find under my tree on Christmas morning. Unfortunately however I live with a flatmate who loves chocolate even more than I do and would no doubt have polished off the lot before I got home from watch night service.


Picture (4) Talking of Christmas trees, this edible version looks particularly tempting at this time of year. Well you can’t rock round like you can with the one in your living room it so you might as well as eat and enjoy and put on the leotard later for a session with the music channel when you really can dance like nobody’s watching as all your sane friends will be in bed.


Picture (5) My final picture in this tasty wee post for those who don’t need to eat Christmas to celebrate the festive season and this photograph shows the company’s more traditional classic range of chocolates which like so many other ranges are being sold as 3 for 2 ptpmktions. Believe me when I say this is company who know how to do Christmas and they also know how to make amazing chocolate. 


So, I hear you ask  will be tempted to pay Thornton’s a visit before Santa pays me one? For those of you who know me, you will not be surprised to know that the answer to this question is the same as I gave in the independence referendum and that of course is yes.  Well anyone who knows me that I love anything Christmassy, so  be it tartan, trees or something more traditional I’ve always been a chocolate girl and Thornton’s has always tempted both my tastebuds and my purse. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X 


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