Photographic Memories From Christmases Past 

On Day 11 of Blogmas If I ask you what links the following  photographs? It should take all of 30 seconds to realise that the answer is me and Christmas. You see in this post I thought I would share some photographic memories of Christmases past and explain why they mean so much to me. 

Picture (1) Is of last year’s Glasgow lights at George Square. Like every other town and city in Scotland, Britain and the world, the big switch on is always a great if choatic day and signals the start of our festive spending spree. 

Picture (2) Shows the Pavilion Theatre in which I’ve seen many great Glasgow pantomime’s over the years 

Picture (3) Has a picture of the advert for Jackie the musical that I went to see this summer at the Kings Theatre but as a teenager and even just before it, this was the annual I wanted on Christmas morning.


Picture (4) Is of two of the genuine good guys belting out a tune in the Tollcross Winter Gardens with Colin Storrie on guitar and Derek Read on recorder at the Christmas Bards in the Park in 2009. Alas for a number this event is no longer part of our festive poetry calendar and the Glasgow spoken word scene is much the poorer for its absence


Picture (5) This shot shows a seasonal theme as the church gets festive and the three wise go on their travels to see the Christ child and worship the new born king.

Picture (6) For me Christmas always starts with the December edition of Words and Music as or I prefer to call it the Christmas Cracker. This picture shows Kirsty Nicholson looking rather festive on what turned out to be our last ever Christmas at our original home at Sammy Dow’s. You know it doesn’t seem like a year since this picture was taken especially since we’re now safely settled in our new home at the Tin Hut but if we had to move on which we did at least we can say we had a fantastic featured writer to see us through our final festive season.


Picture (7) Illustrates that every girl loves getting pampered at this time of year
as I show off my newly polished nails in a very seasonal shade of red.


Picture 8 This picture is what I call my and finally moment as it’s my last photograph in this particular post and it takes me on a journey, to Christmas 2009 when I was only one year in to my transition and just getting ready to start my hormones. Whilst not the clearest picture of me, ( I’m seen here second from right with from left to right Frances Fairweather, Linda Grant, and Jane Overton) you can see just enough to notice that I’ve undergone a lot of changes since those early days not least of which is my taste in leg wear. I mean check those tights out. In my defence I’ll plead either insanity, or delayed teenage years, though I think the first one would be the more realistic. At least it would be if you listen to my friends.


Anyway that’s me finally completed my walk through Christmases past and I hope you’ve enjoyed my photographic journey.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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