Whenever I See Santa Hats I Think Of Christmas In Paradise 

Hey Readers, 

On Day 2 of Blogmas my post  is written on the topic of Santa Hats like the one pictured below in my local convenience store in Baillieston. If you look closely at the picture you’ll see the shop also has After Eights and Yule Logs but best not to mention them just now as they’ll get covered in a later Blogmas post on traditional Christmas treats. For this post however I want to focus on something really christmassy and they don’t come more christmassy  than Santa hats. 

Maybe it’s my memory playing tricks on me but growing up in the late 1960’s and early 1970s (the primary school years, this was something I can never remember seeing in the shops. Maybe they were there and I just didn’t notice I was always a dreamy child , so the chance that I could have got lost in another world is I have to say quite a high one. That said however I certainly never saw them in the local shops I went to growing up. In fact I never saw them until my student years in the mid to late 1990’s and when I did finally see them I couldn’t wait to buy one.Well just in case you didn’t know I am missy Christmas.  

No sooner had I bought my festive fashion essential than I had to buy another one in a different colour.   This time, it wasn’t in the now traditional Christmas red this time the colour was green. The fact that it was bought outside Celtic park in that biting cold winter that was 1997 should I think explain my personal choice. Honestly the stadium was filled fans of ages, shapes, and sizes, decked out in Celtic Santa hats. I think the real Santa must have been delighted to see he and Mrs Claus had so many willing helpers at the last home game before Christmas so he gave us a 5-0 Victory and then on May the 9th 1998 delivered the present we all asked for in our letters that year and delivered us our first league title in 10 years. So you see no matter what the colour when I see Santa hats I think of Christmas and in particular of a Christmas in Paradise when Santa said  be patient I’ll deliver your  present in May.

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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