A Custom Made Card From My Friend’s Wee Boy Showed Me The True Meaning Of Christmas

Hey Readers

On the first day of Blogmas my first ever Blogmas post is on topic of cards and how different cards can have very different meanings and one card can show the true meaning of Christmas.

As I am sure most of you know yesterday was St Andrews Day when Scots all over the world celebrated our national day. As a proud Scot and member of the Scottish National Party I was curious when our postie delivered a letter with the party logo on it and wondered what it could be. Naturally, my first thoughts were that it could be in relation to the party’s traditional St Andrew’s Day appeal and sure enough there was a message concerning this year’s appeal but it wasn’t the first thing I noticed on opening the envelope

You see as I tore along  the seal I discovered I had received a St Andrew’s Day card from Nicola Sturgeon which as you can see from this picture shares pride of place on my fireplace with a wedding photograph of my mum and dad and my first Christmas Card of the year. The Christmas card in question was specially made and designed for me by my friend Victoria’s six year old son Ciaran.

Like the card from the First Minister this one was put up as soon as I received it. This means it was up for almost a fortnight before the card from our First Minister arrived to keep it company.  You see to me the festive season is all about children and the excitement and magic they bring to what is and always will be my favourite time of year.

One of the reasons I love Christmas as much as I do is the nice wee surprises you get from others when you least expect them and getting this card was certainly one of them.  I really appreciate the effort Ciaran went to in making it for me, In fact I would go as far as to say that this is the more important card of two and as my mum look on from their old black and white wedding photograph I’m sure they would agree with my choice. I am also sure they would  remind me that the wee man is a far better artist than I was at his age or for that matter ever will be.

As you can see the Christmas tree on my custom made card is a wee bit on the small side but I like it as it shows both artwork and a tendency towards minimalism which Victoria I have no doubt will hope will last in to his teenage years when it comes to having space in his room. That however, is for the future to decide, for now his card is more special to me than the one I received from my party leader and the First Minister of my country. 


Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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