Should bloggers talk about politics? ⋆ Forever Amber

Hey Readers 

Whilst scrolling though my e-mails I started, as I often do, to read some blog posts from some of my favourite bloggers.

During my reading I came across this gem of a post from Amber McNaught a lifestyle blogger who tends to keep her blog politics free. Though believe me she has some very definate  political opinions. 

This is especially true on the topic of Scottish independence where she and I were on opposing sides of the debate during our country’s referendum. With refreshing honesty, Amber said that most of the Scottish bloggers she followed were vehemently in favour of independence so she decided not to publish her thoughts on the issue for fear of losing both followers and friends 

Personally I find this sad, but what I find even sadder is that I didn’t know her at the time. You see during those heady and sometimes heated days of our campaign, a campaign which despite what some London based journalists with no experience and even less knowledge of Scotland may say, was  the most exciting time in Scottish political history, I was looking for someone to guest post on tartantights  who could tell me the story of why they were voting no and despite offers to several unionist politicians and friends, not one of them was willing to take me up and make the case for why we were better together. 

This is something I regret as I think it could have added something to tartantights, especially as this blog was originally born from my desire to have my say on the referendum and why I was voting yes. Though there were also other issues I wanted to platform like my gender transition and my take on culture and arts especially as seen through the spoken word scene.

As for recent political events, I am sure a woman of Amber’s intelligence will have her views on the impact of Brexit, and the recent American presidential election and how they will shape the future of the uncertain times in which we live. These are views which I for one would like to hear and if  Amber wishes to keep her own blog politics free she will be more than welcome to share them here any time she wants to. Meanwhile I refer you to the original article which I hope will you read with the respect due to a gifted blogger with a voice which deserves to be heard. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X


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