Just The Job

Hey  Readers

I wrote this poem  for National Poetry Day 2008 on the theme of work. I penned it on the topic of the job I had at that time was delivering equality training. I titled the poem Just The Job and though much of it was written with tongue firmly planted in check, it does I hope demonstrate that training was and remains a very diverse and rewarding career. I hope you enjoy the read.

Just The Job

Training men
training woman
training anything vaguely human
training builders
training bankers
training corporate city wankers
training teachers
training beauticians
training those with political ambitions
training health board and social work staff
it’s enough to drive you daft
training occupational therapists
I ask myself what have I done to deserve this?
training various organisations
training to stop me dying of starvation
training grafters
training shirkers
training local council workers
training health and fitness clubs
training staff who work in pubs
training people of all ages
anyone I find in yellow pages
training bakers
training butchers
training helps secure the future
if you think it’s good to talk
training could be just the job
the numpties and the know it all’s can drive a trainer up the wall
but see when all said and done
sometimes training can be fun
your sharing your knowledge
your sharing your skills
but the thing about work is
it helps pay the bills

@ Gayle Smith 2008



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