The Spicy Girls Sampled A Taste Of The East. (The Story Of A Blogger Meet Up Meal At Nakamusa )

Hey Readers


Since starting tartan tights it has given me many opportunities I may not have had otherwise, and it’s fair to say I’ve taken advantage of each and every one of them as they presented themselves so on hearing there was to blogger meet up meal I decided in the way that Glasgow Girls do I’m up for a bit of that.

The meal was to be held at the Nakasuma Japanese Restaurant in Sauchiehall Street and was organised by Glasgow blogger Kaitlin McManus who used to work in the restaurant. I had never really tried Japanese food apart from one visit to a sushi bar almost a decade ago so I was looking forward to a new experience.

With a number of bloggers having expressed interest in the event I thought the place would be buzzing but unfortunately there were a number of call offs and there were only five of us in attendance.

This however, did not spoil the night in any way and in my view, my actually have enhanced it as it gave us a chance to chat to each other in a way which may not have been possible had there been a larger crowd.

I was first to be welcomed by Kaitlin on arriving just after after the 6 o’clock start time and we had time to have a lovely chat before being joined by Claire Smith from What Claire Bakes. (See picture below)

Picture (1) Claire Smith of What Claire Bakes


Claie barely had time to take her seat before Kaitlin enthusiastically demanded that she show us the ring as Claire has recently become engaged. I have to say that judging by the size of the rock on her finger, her future man has serious taste in Jewellery as well as fantastic taste in partners. No doubt Claire will be very pleased when she reads highly accurate assessment of her man, her rock, and herself.

As we gabbed like the three wise women (Now there’s something you won’t find in a Christmas nativity) we were joined by the lovely Emma Burke who like writes a food blog Emma Eats and Estelle Chiu

As we had originally anticipated a bigger crowd we waited till almost 7 o’clock before ordering our food and for me the choice was a simple one, the non spicy Chicken noodle soup (pictured below) This was I have to say absolutely delicious. Though my experiment with chopsticks was a dismal failure.

Picture (2) My non spicy chicken noodle soup.


On realising how badly I was losing my one woman noodle war, Kaitlin who will be moving to Barcelona in the new year, showed leadership, sensitivity, by providing appropriate assistance and getting me some normal cutlery to empower me to enjoy my meal. Unlike Brexit this really a case where taking back control resulted in a positive outcome.

As we chatted I enjoyed some cracking banter with Emma (see picture) who I discovered was a Tipperary girl and on telling her I was a big fan of both Hurling and Gaelic Football, she made me ever so envious by revealing that she had managed to get a ticket to the All Ireland Hurling Final to see her home county Tipperary win the title by defeating the defending champions Kilkenny. I teased her by saying that I hoped she had taken a week off work as winning the All Ireland from what I’m led to believe usually results in a three day hangover for the victorious team’s supporters.

Picture (3) The lovely Emma Burke of Emma Eats


Needless to say however the main focus of conversation was our blogs and I said that people who aren’t bloggers don’t understand how hard we work. It is I think fair to say this was met with agreement all concerned.

As the time passed we learned more about each other and our blogs and ,I know that if I’m looking for a place to eat I’ll certainly be checking out where Claire and Emma have been in the past and what they thought of their experience. Well if they recommend a good place to dine then it goes without saying I would have to give it serious consideration. As for Estelle well all I can say is what’s not to love about a cracking lively, and highly likeable character.

As the night neared its end it was time to pay our bills. After this we swapped both blog information and Twitter handles and posed for the group photograph. Well the night wouldn’t have been complete without these essentials.

As I smiled for the cameras I thought to how I felt at the beginning of the night and I’ll admit to more than a wee touch of nerves on meeting the girls. I needn’t have worried I was not only welcomed I was made to feel part of the team and I really feel like I’ve made four great new friends and as you can see in the picture below it was all smiles at the end of a night when the spicy girls sampled a taste of the east and enjoyed both the food and the company.

Picture (4) We might have posh in our line up but we definitely don’t do scary. Forget the Spice Girls we are Spicy Girls and have a quality line up.

The group from left to right Me (Gayle) Estelle, Nicola, Claire, and Kaitlin


Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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