Though The Nights Are Colder A Girl Can Still Look Hot Especially When The Colours Are In Season.  

Hey Readers

Last Wednesday I had an important event to attend. It was a blogger meet up to celebrate the launch of Saint Genevieve fashion collection so being a stylish kinda gal I decided it was the perfect chance for me to get all dolled up and enjoy myself for a night with the girls.

Now the regular readers amongst you will be aware that I’ve already posted on this event and told the story of a highly enjoyable evening. You will also know that I said it was more than likely I would write an outfit of the day post on what I was wearing that night and as you know I am a woman who keeps my promises. Well, I keep most of my promises and when I say I’m going to post an outfit post then you had better believe that I will.

As is always the case for occasions like this I try to plan my outfit well in advance. With it being the start of the old Celtic winter I thought I would at least try to keep warm. 

To this I decided to wear my latest little black dress which sits below the knee. This is unusual for me as I tend not to wear longer dresses since my legs are by far my best feature and I like to show them off in something that flatters my figure However I live in Glasgow and November is a wee bit on the cold side so keeping myself warm claimed priority on this chilly winter evening.  I have to say I really like this dress which is long enough to be elegant but not so long I would trip over my shoes and at £15 from River Island it represents another of those bargains I always seem to find.  

I teamed my black dress up with a pair of Satin Touch tights from the Wolford range which are available at House of Fraser. As those who know me will testify I really like these tights as not only are they great for comfort and fit, they are great value for money. I also wore my black Hotter shoes and my long beige/ caramel winter coat  from Marks And Spencer. As for how much it cost , I honestly couldn’t say because it was given to me as a gift and as any classy Lady will tell you a woman will never put a price on a present. I teamed it up with a new lipstick from Models Own and I was ready to rock.  Well though the nights are colder a girl can still look hot especially when the colours are in season. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X 


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