When It Came To Lingerie I Had To Take The Plunge. (The Story Of My Bra Fitting And Why I Love Boux Avenue)

Hey Readers

A few weeks ago I did something a lot of women do and every women should. This is a unique female experiance and a highly personal and in my opinion, necessary one, so I don’t think it’s over sharing to let you know I went for a bra fitting

I believe it is important for women of all shapes and sizes to wear the right size and style of bra. This is not just for comfort and fit though they are important factors in any purchase of this nature , there are also potential health issues in wearing the wrong size of bra such as tenderness of the breasts and back pain and nobody I know wants to be in any form of discomfort.

As I take you through this post I will show some photographs of the bras available in my boutique of choice which is Boux Avenue.Well I always believe in buying the only the finest quality lingerie and trust me ladies once you’ve bought Boux Avenue you won’t buy anything else.

(Picture 1) You can see a gorgeous purple plunge bra complete with matching knickers. This is perfect for a Donny Osmond girl like me. Well purple always was his favourite colour.

On arranging my fitting I was taken to the waiting area where I was made to feel relaxed by the friendly, helpful staff Boux Avenue are renowned for. This is one of the reasons I love this company because whilst some boutiques are all about the brand, Boux Avenue are all about the customer. This is a company where customer service matters and a company who know the secret of real success lies not in getting a customer through the door but in turning that initial contact in to a valued customer whose loyalty will be retained and will make their company the first port of call for all their lingerie and nightwear needs.

Picture (2) Here you can see a very glamorous dual coloured bra. Like all the pictures in this post this is in the plunge style and comes with matching knickers though in this shot you can only see the thong. Now whilst this particular style of undergarment may be fine for the likes of Kylie I prefer something a little more discreet with a bit more of a covering but that as I see it is a matter of personal taste.

After waiting for as long as was as necessary so that the previous customer could be given the full and professional customer service about which I had spoken it was time for my fitter , Natalie to take me to the changing rooms to get me fitted.

On reaching the changing rooms Natalie instructed to remove the bra I was wearing and having done this she measured my bust and got me a couple of bra’s of different sizes to try on. 

Picture (3) Now this bra would add a touch of culture and sophistication to any women’s lingerie drawer and with matching knickers and nude or sand coloured tights would be perfect to wear with a red or wine party dress during the festive season.

On giving me the bra’s she selected I informed Natalie that I needed some assistance with the fastenings and she was only too happy to help me with this very personal matter. For the first bra I went up a size and tried on a 36 C. I have to admit from the off I was kinda hoping this wouldn’t work and was relieved when Natalie told me I was still a 36 B as my breasts didn’t fill the bra cup when it came to the larger size. 

Now despite the opinions of  drag queens and transvestites who always seem to think bigger is better when it comes to bust measurements I considered this to be good news for me on two fronts, The first is the fact that I don’t need to resize my entire lingerie collection and the second being the one fact drag queen’s and  transvestites don’t get but every woman does which is the bigger the bust the greater the back pain. Believe me real women and I proudly include trans women in that comment, know that when your breasts are tender the last thing you want or need is any avoidable discomfort. So big busts are not a big deal except amongst the wrong type of men and yes I do mean the sexists that your feminist sisters would advise you to steer well clear of.  

Having established my size it was now time for my fitter to decide on what style would suit me best between Balconette or Plunge. On this Natalie was very definate in deciding that plunge would be the best fit for me as it would give me greater shape and definition thus enhancing my figure and making it the best it can possibly be under the circumstances.  

Picture (4) Is my kind of bra a lovely white plunge 

At the end of my fitting I bought myself a new beige plunge bra and Natalie gave me a customer card which gave me her name, the name of the bra I had purchased which in this case was a Boux Boost, My size which is a 36 B and my recommended style, which is plunge.  

Having been to other stores and boutiques since my gender transition I can honestly say I have never felt so comfortable undergoing what is an intimate procedure. Right from the start I was made to feel that I was just like any other women and trust me when I say this has not always been the case. The fact I’m a trans woman was never an issue to a talented young professional woman who was not only excellent at the job she does but was also a great ambassador for her store, and the wider company. It is this kind of service which makes Boux Avenue the only choice when it comes to lingerie .

To conclude this post I will state as I did at the beginning that I believe every women should go for a bra fitting every six months as is recommended just in case there are any changes in our breasts and we may need to go up or down a size and I think it goes without saying that the place I recommend they go to is Boux Avenue. Well it came to lingerie I had to take the plunge and you know what I’m really glad I did. 

Love And Best Wishes 

Gayle X 


4 Replies to “When It Came To Lingerie I Had To Take The Plunge. (The Story Of My Bra Fitting And Why I Love Boux Avenue)”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I’m also a fan of going to Boux Avenue for a bra fitting – always so friendly, attentive & helpful. Did you go to the one in Buchanan Galleries?

    After reading this, I want to go and treat myself to some new lingerie! Thank you again for sharing this post and encouraging women to go and get themselves fitted every so often!

    Keep up the great work.

    Charlene McElhinney

    1. Hey Charlene I’m glad you enjoyed this post and yes I did go to the Buchanan Galleries where as you correctly say the staff are always friendly and attentive.

      I felt I had to write on this topic for a couple of reasons not least of which is to normalise the idea that trans women are just like any other women and have same comfort needs as our sisters, mothers, and girl friends and the right to comfortable bra is on our must have lists as it should be for all women.

      The other reason I wanted to write on it was to encourage all women to go and get fitted as I think it is really important that we should be breast aware and I think you should go and treat yourself to some new lingerie. Well a girl needs to treat herself every so often. Oh go on, you know you want to and I can’t say I blame you, especially when they’ve got so much gorgeous new lines in at the moment.

      Just to let you know I will be buying the purple set featured in the post.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

  2. You seriously can’t beat the feeling of wearing awesome underwear…I feel completely invincible when I do!! Love that your blog is called Tartan Tights too! (And your bio rocks too)

    1. Hey Colette I couldn’t agree more. The feeling of wearing a good bra and a nice pair of knickers definitely gives me the feel good factor.

      Thanks for your supportive feedback on the blog.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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