The Future Face Of Fashion Had The Sweet Smile Of Success And Was Worth Getting All Dressed Up For (My Review Of The Saint Genevieve Collection Fashion Show At The Kiel Shop (02-11-2016 ) 

Hey Readers

Last night I attended a very enjoyable blogger event at The Kiel Shop in Buchanan Street so I thought I would tell you why I enjoyed it as much as I did.
The event in question was the launch of a new Glasgow based fashion boutique Saint Genevieve which has both an online presence and a physical boutique which located in Duke Street in the East End of the city.

I heard of the event which was hosted by Declan Gorman on the Glasgow Bloggers Facebook page when issued a call for any style conscious fashion bloggers to attend this night so naturally me being me I jumped at the chance to be seen at what I was sure would be a cracking night.

Naturally I decided that since I was attending a blogger event I decided I’d better get dolled up for the occasion and I grabbed the chance to wear my new black dress from River Island which you can see in this photograph. I won’t say too much about at the moment though, as I’m sure I will be posting an outfit of the day post on it in the not to distant future.


As a trans woman I do try to be fashionable as my budget allows and I like the idea of supporting local businesses so I was more than a wee bit curious as to how this range would look and believe me I wasn’t disappointed. Believe me girls this was style with a capital S and it wasn’t just the fashion which made the night so enjoyable.

On arrival I was treated to a choice of a complementary Orange Juice or Procesco and as regular readers will know I went for the Orange Juice. Well let’s be honest me and wine would be a potentially lethal combination especially when walking upstairs.

As more bloggers began to arrived it was time to mix and mingle and where better to start than the bar where I got what was probably the best non alcoholic cocktail I’ve ever had in my life from Sugar Dumplin  who kindly supplied us with the sustainancce we needed.

As I chatted to the staff at the bar I found out that Sugar Dumplin is a Caribbean Burger and cocktail bar located on the second floor of the Princess Square shopping complex and now branched to various parts of England and will soon be opening an outlet in Wembley Stadium.


After enjoying a cracking chat with Jude Duncan who blogs under the title The Wee Blondie I decided to take some photographs of the event and those attending it. In the first of these I got a shot of Natasha (right) and Razzy from Opuline. I really liked these two highly talkative and talented young women. Not only are they are smart, focused , and ambitious, they want success both for themselves and for the company which offers absolutely stunning bespoke jewellery. Yes the price may be high end but having seen the quality of products online believe me you get what you pay for and if I ever a sugar daddy rather than a sugar dumplin then I will placing several orders will diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but with range available from Opuline they would have a lot of good company from the other jewels in my jewellery box


Now it was time for the main event and I got some pictures of the gorgeous fashion from the Saint Genevieve collection. The shop has both an online presence and a retail outlet in the Duke Street area of the city. As you can see from the picture below the fashion is for the young and young at heart market and would look amazing on anyone with figure to wear it. Whilst I love all the outfits I particularly like the black top and the lime skirt not only because of the colour combination but also because it looks so sassy.


In this next picture you can see the girls in catwalk mode and though it’s not the best picture in terms of quality I think it captured what the event was all about namely fashion, style, and female togetherness.

image Yet another catwalk image from a truly brilliant night. As regular tartan tights readers will know I love taking live action shots as I think they capture the occasion so much better than still frames. 


In my final picture from what was a fantastic meet up I take a picture of a woman with lot to smile about. The girl in the picture is Hannah who owns Miss Genevieve and with her cutting edge designs I think this independent fashion boutique will be important player in the future face of fashion and I intend to visit the shop at the first available chance. 


So to conclude my post I enjoyed an amazing and empowering event in which I was treated as one of the girls from beginning to end . As a trans woman, this is more important to me than many people realise. On far too many occasions, (Well let’s be honest one is one too many) I’ve had my transition questioned by those of a considerably lower intelligence level than myself and some born again failures have told me that their friends who are usually trans males are able to pass much better than me.  This kind of thoughtless comment on what is after all an unrealistic and dare I say it ludicrous comparison makes me angry beyond measure but that’s why I love nights like this. You see it is in this kind of company where I am valued for simply being a woman that I shine at my glorious best and this kind of night is always worth getting all dressed up for. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X 


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