I Wore My Seasonal Colours With Just A Touch Of Satin And My Forever Autumn Look Showed A Woman At Ease With Myself 

Hey Readers

As we approach the end of autumn it’s time to look back on my favourite seasonal outfit and tell you why I loved putting this outfit together.

I wore this ensemble to the Paisley Women For Independence spoken word event in Mid September and since it was a women only event I decided to dress to impress and I think this outfit shows me at my best an independent woman with purpose and power making a statement that fashion doesn’t have to be about the latest in little black dresses and that you can mix and match what you have in your wardrobe and look good on a budget.

Trust me girls some of us have no choice.

As you can see I selected seasonal colours for this occasion and I think they worked a treat.

I start with the top and for this occasion I went for a layered approach. I decided on this light green number from River Island which I bought for about £7.00 in River Island in September 2008 just as I was preparing my wardrobe for transition which would go live in the run up to Christmas that year. The fact it fits me now even better than it did when I bought it is I have to say a source of great joy and illustrates not only the value of investment pieces but the fact that if like me you are missy Queen of the sales they don’t have to cost the earth.

Underneath my main top you may  be able to see a kind of peachy vest top I got from the bargain rail at Top shop. This wee top is another fail safe wardrobe staple and though you will only see it if you look closely I think it’s important to mention it.

Now I move on to the skirt.This light pink number from Top Shop is another piece I’ve had for a long time. Yes I really get value for money from my fashion collection and this is no exception I think bought it around 2012/2013 and it’s a comfortable fit and could even be described as a bit on the roomy side. I think the colour was perfect for the autumnal atmosphere I was trying to and hopefully managed to create.

The last thing I want to talk about are the tights. Everyone who knows me knows that when it comes to hoisery I am a massive fan of Wolford. They may be more expensive than other brands but believe me they are worth every penny and you get what you pay for. They are quite simply luxary for legs and its amazing how good I feel when I’m wearing them. This particular pair are from the Satin Touch range. Individually a pair of Satin Touch which come in the 20 denier range would cost anywhere from £11 to £14 depending on where you bought them and whether or not their was a sale on at the time of purchase.

Now I know some of my younger girl friends would never even think about paying this amount of money for tights let alone buy a three pack for £32-£34 but hey my legs are my best feature and I want them to look as good as possible and Satin Touch really do the job for me and are excellent for giving me the shapely legs I’ve craved since my teens.

Well I think that’s me said all I’ve got to say for this post and I have to admit I’ve really enjoyed writing it. I hope and believe this is my best outfit of the day post so far and that may be because I really love the outfit I wore on this occasion. Don’t get me wrong I love my all my outfits but this one is just so me. You see I  love this time of year and I particularly love the colours of the season which on this occasion I blended with just a touch of satin and I think in my doing so I illustrated that my forever Autumn look showed a woman at ease with myself.

Love And Best Wishes.

Gayle X 


5 thoughts on “I Wore My Seasonal Colours With Just A Touch Of Satin And My Forever Autumn Look Showed A Woman At Ease With Myself 

    • Hey Beth Thanks so much for such a lovely and heartwarming compliment. I love this outfit and I think it shows me at my best. I hope it also shows, that despite being a trans woman and a mature lady in my 50’s, I can still do style with confidence.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

  1. Hi Gayle,

    I throughly enjoyed reading this post and you definitely do portray a woman who is at ease with herself. You put so much thought in to your outfit! You look great!

    Keep up the fabulous work and I really look forward to some more outfit posts from you in the future (especially if they are more bargains as I am a fellow bargain hunter myself!)

    Lots of love
    Charlene McElhinney

    • Hey Charlene Thanks so much for your kind comments on this post. I’m really pleased you enjoyed reading it and I can assure you I will be posting more outfit related posts and they will more likely than not feature a few bargains.

      On reading your feedback it heartened me to know that you appreciated the effort I put in to selecting my outfit and complimented me on this.

      As a trans woman this meant a lot to me as I know that women are scrutinised on our appearance to a far greater degree than men and though this is both unfair and sexist it is our everyday reality and I certainly feel that pressure on me every time I go to attend an event. Maybe this is self imposed pressure that I place on myself, but for me success comes by blending in to society rather than standing out from It.

      There will however be some exceptions to this rule and I can and will glam it up as and when the occasion demands. Well there are times when a woman has to do what a woman has to do and in that respect at least I’m no different from any other girl.

      Finally I was really glad you believe that I’m woman at ease with myself as getting this boost will do wonders for my confidence.

      Thanks again for your support and encouragement I value it more than you know.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

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