50 Random Facts About Me

Hey Readers

I think it’s fair to say that many of you if you are regular readers will know a reasonable amount about me.  You will know for example that I am a trans woman, a poet , a graduate, a member of the Scottish National Party,  and  a Celtic fan. These are things which if you know me either through the blog or in a personal capacity  will be or should be obvious. This post however will reveal some deeper secrets and hidden gems on the things I’ve done and the people I’ve met in my journey through this life. When it came to the title it suggested itself and I just run with it, so here goes for the rollercoaster ride that is 50 Random Facts About Me. I hope you enjoy both the read and the journey.

50 Random Facts About Me

(1) You all know  I love Donny Osmond and was a member of the Osmond’s Fan Club in my teens but you might not know that I also love Scottish and Irish traditional music and in particular I enjoy the work of Dick Gaughan, Siobhan Miller, Matt McGinn, Christy Moore, and the amazing Rachel Sermanni.

(2) Jackie magazine was my secret read as a teenager (it had to be secret it was the 1970’s

(3) My childhood nicknames were curly and half pint

(4 ) My favourite TV shows are The Waltons, Not Going Out, Only Fools And Horses,  and City Lights.

(5) I love blogger chat groups and now have a virtual family because of them.

(6) I can speak a bit of Gaelic and I’m reasonably fluent in Scots

(7) I am a massive Rugby Union fan and support Glasgow, Scotland, and The British And Irish Lions

(8) I love Scotland’s two national dishes Haggis and Curry  but my favourite meals are Fish and Chips, Mince And Tatties and  Lasagne.

(9) My favourite three songs
are Puppy Love for obvious reasons. Marigolds by Anna Meldrum, and  Handful  Of Earth By Dick Gaughan

(10) My favourite perfume is Ghost Sweetheart.

(11) I can’t stand acidic foods so oranges beetroot and pickles are an absolute no-no.

(12) I have toured Scotland with various community theatre companies. 

(13) I’ve worked as a Disability Equality Trainer

(14) I love Blue Chair Brownies

(15) My favourite bars include The Hoops, The Polo Lounge, and The Banshee Labyrinth

(16) I’ve tried my hand at Stand Up Comedy and appeared on stage with amongst others Des MacLean, Janey Godley, Michael Redmond, and Miles Jupp

(17 ) My favourite countries apart from Scotland, are Ireland ,  The Netherlands,  Germany and Italy (The last one is for the food, the fashion and the men).

(18) My favourite poems are In The Snack Bar By Edwin Morgan,  The Life Of Mrs Reilly By Liz Lochhead , Change At Preston By Des Dillon, This Is My Body and When Did You Realise By Agnes Török, United Colours Of Cumnock By Jim Monaghan and Alba By Victoria McNulty. The last four  are available on You Tube if you want to check them out.

(19) l once wanted to be Princess Diana so I could marry Prince Edward. I don’t know what possessed me but I’m guessing it was probably hormones.

(20) My mum finally allowed me to wear black tights when I reached my 16th birthday and bought me 3 pairs as a present. 

(21) I would love to play a musical instrument especially guitar or the fiddle.

(22) I repeatedly tried to write novels on subjects I knew nothing about but always gave up in the end and decided to settle on poetry.

(23) I kept some lines and phrases from my failed attempts at prose and some of them are now titles of my best known poems.

(24) I love cookery programmes but I can’t cook to save myself

(25) My favourite colour is black as it has a lovely slimming effect.

(26) I love Strictly Come Dancing

(27) Christmas movies make me cry

(28) I enjoy going to the theatre especially for comedies I love anything by Wildcat or 7:84. My favourite show of all time is Jackie The Musical.

(29) I have performed my poems in some very strange venues including Shettleston Tesco and a swimming pool in Govanhill baths

(30) My favourite flowers are Tulips and Roses

(31) I have an Apple shaped  figure

(32) I have epilepsy which is controlled by medication 

(33) I am a fierce woman who has two birthdays per year my real one which celebrates the day I was born and my transformation day which is the 19th December.

(34) The Labour Leader of Glasgow City Council Frank McAveety  is the reason I joined the SNP. He knew independence was the deal breaker that stopped me joining his party but said my party needed me for my passion and knowledge on equality issues.

(35) I am a keen follower of Gaelic Games and support Donegal in Gaelic Football and Galway when it comes to hurling.

(36) In 1989 I was a member of the cast of City the biggest community play ever staged in Glasgow and the opening night was on my birthday.

(37) I love River Island Woman’s wear, Boux Avenue lingerie, and Wolford tights.

(38) Attending Girls Day Out was one of the best days of my life

(39) I was introduced to the Lisbon Lions on the opening night of the play The Lions Of Lisbon in 1992. The play was written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Celtic’s European Cup win.

(40) I host the Southside Words And Music night and have done officially since 2006. Though my predecessor had been training me up for it.  since 2003

(41) I once shared an interesting bus journey with former Rangers captain and manager John Greig. We talked on a wide range of issues and I found him to be very pleasant company.  

(42) On coming out as a trans woman to my former writing tutor Linda McCann in 1992, she gave me a stunning size 10 red taffeta dress which I really loved and could fit in to. Trust me I was was heartbroken when it no longer fitted me.  I think I got about two years wear out of it.  Size 10 dresses are now a far distant memory.

(43) I see Christmas as lasting from St Andrew’s Night till the final night of Celtic Connections.

(44) I have met lots of senior figures in Scottish politics including former First Minister Alex Salmond who officially welcomed in to the SNP at a new members event and went out of his way to give me some private words of encouragement.

(45) My favourite poets are Edwin Morgan, Carol Anne Duffy, Jenny Lindsay,  and the star of YouTube generation Agnes Török

(46) When I was in my teens I wore what my mother called in an all in one to give me a feminine shape.

(47) I read Charles Dickens  A Christmas Carol every single Christmas.

(48) I received a gift of a three volumed edition of The Oxford Collection Of English Poetry from the late of former Govan Labour MP Andy McMahon who despite being a political opponent was a cherished friend and mentor

(49) I was one the first  performers with physical impairments given a place in a one week summer school what was then the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 1990.

(50) I have performed at least once at every Edinburgh fringe since 2005 

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


6 Replies to “50 Random Facts About Me”

  1. hi gayle, thanks for reading and following my words and i look forward to doing the same – what an exciting life you lead and bring on the christmas movies! best, beth

    1. Hey Beth It’s a pleasure, I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time, and yeah Christmas movies do have that special feel good factor when it comes to warming the heart.

      Tell me, did any of my random facts surprise you?

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

      1. I loved Donny since the day I first heard Puppy Love. I think I was 11 when it was released in the UK. He was my first crush and brought out the girl in me for which I will always be grateful.

        The first time I saw him I knew he would be the love of my life and you know what , he still is. Yes I still fancy him even now.

        Best Wishes
        Gayle X

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