A Day For Tartan Rainbows And Stepping Out In Style 

Hey Readers

As you know or perhaps I should say as you are beginning to know I love my fashion. Well just because I’m a fifty something trans women doesn’t mean I’m in to twin sets and pearls. This would be so not me it isn’t even worth contemplating. No even at my age I like my outfits to be comfortable to wear but bold enough to make a statement and I think the one shown here which I’ve chosen for this outfit the day post, does exactly that.

I decided to wear the outfit shown here to Tommy Sheppard’s campaign launch as Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party. As it was a lovely sunny August day I decided that my top should reflect the seasonal weather and selected my best summer bargain my £5.00 rainbow coloured top from Logo to give me some much needed colour.

As it was Tommy’s launch there was a mildly political message to this top and indeed to whole outfit. What’s that I hear you cry politics can influence your fashion choices? Well yes, at least they can to a certain extent and I’ll explain why.

My rainbow top was chosen to illustrate my personal commitment and indeed that of my party to a fairer more inclusive Scotland. It I hope shows that I support a Scotland of diversity where everyone who wants a home here can feel free to do so regardless of the colour of their skin or indeed their political belief. Indeed as our former Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill so memorably said it takes many shades to make the tartan. 

Talking of tartan lets shift the focus of the post to my tights which are of the Henderson tartan and cost £10.00 from Tartan House in Argyle Street. Yes I know some people were their political colours on their sleeve as for me I prefer to wear mine on my legs as it helps to give my blog a wee bit of free advertising.  

As for my what’s covering my modesty I can reveal it’s a black pencil skirt from River Island with an ever so slight slit. Yes I know,it could be considered a wee bit daring but to put a feminine slant on a phrase from one of my favourite comedy characters,  she who dares wins and this skirt is certainly a winner for me when it comes to the style stakes. 

Yes I know that combining rainbows with tartan is an outlandish some would say risky combination but I think it works as the are threads of yellow in both my top and my tights. Indeed when you look at my black jacket from Top Shop with matching  shoes which cost £7.99 from Shoe Zone at The Parkhead Forge and my wonderful bag from River Island (where this picture was taken) and then shift the focus to the badges on the lapel of my jacket you may be forgiven for thinking there is a definite yellow and black theme going on with this outfit and if you did think that you would probably be right to do so. Well it’s fair to say that the SNP play a significant part in my life and so do tartan rainbows.Believe me when I say that I’m a woman for all seasons who dares to wear what she likes and I love nothing better than stepping out in style. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X. 


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