Hey Readers 

(Former Scotland Homeless World Cup Star Jamie MacLean)

In my third poem on the Homeless World Cup I focus on a former Scotland hero of past Homeless World Cup’s Jamie MacLean. On being introduced to Jamie I told him I was a blogger and asked if I could have a kind of informal interview with him. Jamie being one of the good guys said yes and was only too happy to answer my questions. The main thing I wanted to find out was what difference being involved in the Homeless World Cup had done for him and how it had changed him as a man. The result of my chat can be seen in the poem which I’ve titled Sharpshooter I hope you enjoy the read.

A Scotland hero from tournaments gone by
he now works in housing
helping people with mental health issues
find accommodation
an inspiration on the pitch
he has changed from sharpshooter
to sharp dressed man
as he sits suited and booted
behind his desk
his job a testament to the power of street soccer at its best
a success story for the game
the star whose name remains unknown
the most important goal he’ll score
will never be seen on TV
or reported in press
as helping those in distress
get out of the position
he used to be in
is a personal motivation
for the sharp shooter

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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