Dolls And Boys

Hey Readers

I thought I’d post a poem written in 2007 on the journey through what our parents would call the puppy love years.  You know the time that we probably reach between 2nd and 4th year high school when we have what we see as our first meaningful relationship which our parents would dismiss as a crush It’s a time which we all have to go through with hormones dictating our moods and a time when we find out the value of friendship and who we can and can’t trust with our secrets. It’s a  time when I think we learn more about ourselves and others than at practically any period in our lives.  I’ve given it the title Dolls And Boys I hope you enjoy the read. 

When I was young I mean pre teen.
dolls and boys made up my dreams
no girl I knew could ignore
Barbie and the boy next door

When hormones danced and raged inside
childhood thoughts were brushed aside
because no Barbie could compete
with the bad boy down the street

He offered danger, thrills and mystery
not for him his higher history
he was gorgeous in my eyes
gave me promises and lies

I gladly gave him all I could
my heart my soul my womanhood
I knew his type but didn’t care
he had taken my heart and stripped it bare

but in the end we moved on
my innocence forever gone
the world was mine I’d found my voice
I no longer wanted dolls and boys

@ Gayle Smith 2007


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