Samba In The Square

Hey Readers


This is the first of a series of poems on football with a difference and the football I’ll be writing about is the Homeless World Cup which took place in my home city of Glasgow this summer and brought a carnival atmosphere to our city centre as 64 teams from 52 countries took part in a footballing fiesta which was one of my highlights of what was a very busy and enjoyable summer. This poem tells the story of my first game of this street soccer tournament a nine goal thriller between Brazil and Bulgaria. I’ve given it the title Samba In The Square I hope you enjoy the read.

Samba In The Square

On a sunny summer Wednesday
I saw my first game of the Homeless World Cup
Brazil and Bulgaria the teams
in a miniature theatre of dreams
It kicked off on a Sunday afternoon when I was otherwise engaged
but as I watched the world in Glasgow
there was a carnival atmosphere when Brazil took the stage
and samba came to the square
just like their big team
they had the same artistic flair
and similar frailties at the back
attack was their only form of defence
nothing else made sense
to the masters of the beautiful game
whose yellow strips matched the warmth
of the early evening sun
It was my first game
at this global football fiesta
Brazil won 7-2
despite their dodgy defenders
I wanted them to win the title
if Scotland didn’t get to the final
but somehow I sensed
after just one game the title wouldn’t be theirs to claim
and another team would take the trophy

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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