Act Of Resistance 

Hey Readers 
This poem is written in memory of a fantastic night of words and music at McChuills where poets and musicians played a benefit night for Palestine at the monthly Fail Better event entitled Match The Fine For Palestine. I was privileged to be on the billed performers list for this gig alongside such talents as The Wakes, Francis Lopez, Victoria McNulty, Carla Woodburn , Declan Welsh, and many more to numerous to mention. The night was well supported by the creative community and it was good to see friendly faces such as Ella Russell, Liam McCormick, Jim Monaghan, and Shaun Moore amongst the audience and we raised almost £300 to be sent a youth organisation which helps young Palestinians to develop their talents and life skills which will empower them to serve and lead their community in the years to come as they seek to build the Palestine of the future. I have given it the title Act Of Resistance I hope you enjoy the read 

Act Of Resistance

It was a night when poets and musicians

spoke with purpose and pride.

to support the people of Palestine

this was an event where no-one was content

to accept the lies peddled as truths

by the press and media

as they attempt to demonise a community

who don’t fit with their long held views

every night on the mainstream news

you will hear Palestinians castigated as terrorists

by a British establishment whose hands according to them

are completely free of stain.

if you are taken in by this and believe the way they play the game

ask yourselves what the red white and blue

has ever done for Ireland

I think you’ll find it’s not a lot.

after all genocide and attempted starvation

isn’t the way to win the hearts of a nation

it was the same in the Scottish highlands 

as bouts of mindless violence

cleared lands in the name of the crown

as we remembered our histories

we couldn’t let Palestine down

so we told our stories shared our poems and songs

in the name of those who have endured politically delivered wrongs

on a night like this I was proud

we belonged not to Glasgow but the world

as we raised money for the children of Bethlehem

Declan told tales of a recent visit

to a place which was warm and friendly

but also terrifyingly real

he spoke with a zeal fed by his passion for fairness

the couldn’t care less brigade

could stick to the comfort zones they have no intention of leaving

to hear of people grieving

would offend their sensibilities

the fragility of their certainties could not survive a night like this

they can save their air kisses for someone else

a selfish self indulgent type who would deny the basic necessities

to those most in need of our support

Declan had plenty to report

as let he us know of checkpoints and armed guards

patrolling the streets where Jesus once walked

If he were here I  think he would be shocked stunned and mortified

but most of angry that we could ignore

a people displaced and in distress

yes I do believe he would have said what he thought

would it have been popular?

probably not but it would have been an honest opinion

like those of the poets and musicians

who took this stage to make a point

if noses were put out of joint by what we said

that’s too bad I for one am glad

we did as Pastor Neimoller would have wished

In an act of resistance

we supported the people of Palestine

@ Gayle Smith 2016 
The picture at the top of the poem shows Johnny Cypher doing his set for the cause. 


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