We Lived To The Mex When The World Came To Glasgow  And  I Said Yes To A Night With The Girls And Memories Made By Music 

Hey Readers

It’s now almost a third of the way through September so why I am just getting ready to post my photographic journey through July? Well this can be explained by one simple fact which is that as from the 1st day of August all roads lead to Edinburgh and the fringe takes over my life. For anyone who doubts this I would ask you to talk to my flatmate and she will gladly confirm the truth of that comment.

This is only my second post of this nature, my first being on my journey through June. At first I thought this would be a one off but it proved far more popular than I thought so I’ve decided to make it a regular monthly feature.

Like most months though there will be the odd exception my July started at the Words and Music event I host at the Pollok Ex-Servicemen’s Club which is known to us as the Tin Hut and the first picture shows our featured writer for July in full performance mode.

Picture (1) Anna Crow has the audience hanging on every word during a magnificent set as featured writer.


Picture (2) Shows featured musician Steve Clark as he makes a welcome return to the Words and Music stage. This was Steve’s first appearance at our event for far too long and he reminded us what we’d be missing with an excellent which concluded with his unofficial anthem Jock Tamson’s Bairns getting everyone singing along.


Picture (3) Is another from the Tin Hut. This one shows Alex Cuthbert looking serious as he focuses on the stage. In this picture Alex is joined by A C Clarke seated closest to the table with Robin Cairns looking on from the back


Picture 4 Was taken on my first visit to the Homeless World Cup which was held in Glasgow between the 10th and 16th July and shows Brazil and Bulgaria showcasing their skills in the George Square sun and though Bulgaria had their moments the game was won comfortably by the samba boys as Brazil won 7-2 

Picture (5) Was taken at another high scoring game between two of Europe’s most powerful nations when it comes to the 11 a side as Germany and Belgium showed us their skills in the sunshine. I can only think that the poor attendence might be due to the fact their game clashed with the Brazil one. 


Picture (6) Shows yours truly in a selfie with with those lovely  lads from Northern Ireland who insisted I have my picture taken with them and since they were such nice lads this was an offer  I couldn’t refuse 

Picture (7) Shows a happy smiling Scotland team before their match with Indonesia later that night.

Picture (8)  Shows my friend and fellow poet Derek Read in thoughtful mood as he concentrates on the quiz at the Rainbow Spoon event at the Spoon Cafe. I have to commend the wee man on his form that because he was in my quiz team and believe or not we actually won.


Picture (9) Illustrates multi culturalism Glasgow style as a member of the Mexican coaching staff swaps his Sombrero for more local attire and embraces his inner Weegie in a See You Jimmy hat.


Picture (10) Shows the power of women as Frances McGlinchy in green and Catherine Baird in red stand proud at  Buchanan Street steps  against the twin evils of  Trident and Racism.

Picture (11) Shows a woman with a message for a better world as Green Party Councillor Martha Wardrope addresses the gathering on the dangers of racism and scapegoating those that the mainstream media would have us see as other. 

Picture (12) Demonstrates the diversity of those attending the protests with banners representing both the LGBTI community and the Scottish Green Party 

Pucture (13) Shows one of the most familiar and welcoming sights in our city a Saturday afternoon busker. In this case the busker Anna Shields had a lovely relaxing style I really enjoyed listening to and since picture was taken I have checked out her music on the internet and I recommend you do the same. 

Picture (14) Shows Argentina playing to the crowd by displaying both The Saltaire, and The Lion Rampant, before the plate final against Gteece which they went on to win 3-1 

Picture (15) Scotland do the huddle before our ladies take on Chile in the their Homeless World Cup third and fourth place play off 

Picture (16) Shows Scotland on the attack in the early stages of the game. If memory serves I think we scored from this build up but it wasn’t enough as Scotland lost a thriller on penalties after a 6-6 draw.

Picture (17) Scotland and Chile take the applause of the crowd together after their third place play off 

Picture (18) Shows Women of all nations whose countries played their part in the tournament but failed to reach the final including Argentina,  Chile, France ,India , The Netherlands , The USA, and Scotland. This is a particularly powerful image it shows Women forging friendships in the name of both sport and sisterhood and destroys the myth that football is just a boy’s game.  

Picture (19)  Team England players are happy to pose for the camera after playing their final game which by a strange coincidence was against Scotland who won 6-4 much to the delight of the very neutral home crowd.  

Picture (20) Shows Hannah from Team England cheering from the stands during one of the games. I promised her I would put her picture in my review of the month as you can see I’m a woman of my word. 

Picture (21) Shows a cracking example of Double Dutch as Tess (left) and Mandy (right) show that for the Netherlands total football also means total equality.

Picture (22) Shows Me in a selfie with Tammy from Team America as we form The United States Of Womanhood.  

Picture (23) is one of my favourite ever pictures as I proudly pose with Diana from Team Argentina who told me she felt like a real star because I wanted a picture with her. Well as far as I’m concerned she is a real star and always will be I just hope things go well for her now she’s back home and I hope she has the kind of life I would wish for her.


Picture (24) Is definitely one for the Blue Chair gallery as finally get a selfie with the only footballer I know whose sang songs in her Scotland strip the one and only Courtney Lynn


Picture (25)  Shows the men of Chile and Russia as the battle it out in the bronze medal play off which was eventually won 3-1 by the Russians. 

Picture (26) It was time for women to shine and contest the Women’s World Cup Final where Mexico Kytgyzstan who had beaten Scotland in the semi final Mexico however were a far more difficult proposition and though Kyrgyzstan were deserved silver medallists there was no denying the Mexicans as they won 5-0 in a one sided final.

Picture (27) This picture shows the Kyrgyzstan girls receiving their runners up medals after their defeat by Mexico in the Women’s Homeless World Cup Final. These women were a credit to their country and their sport during a tournament in which they made many friends and put their country on the map when it comes to this version of the beautiful game.  

Picture (28)  The Mexican women go on their lap of honour after being crowned Women’s Homeless World Cup Winners 2016 after  their 5-0 victory against Kyrgyzstan   

Picture (29) Shows Brazil lining up for the men’s final in the Homeless World  Cup against the highly rated Mexican team who were chasing a double with their women already having won their tournament in very impressive style. 

Picture 30 Sees the Mexican team on what Lady GaGa would call the edge of glory as they get ready to face Brazil in the Samba Saturday showdown. 

Picture (31) Shows Brazil on the ball in one of their rare moments of inspiration in a final in which Mexico had the majority of the ball and the moves as they won the men’s Homeless World Cup 6-1 so for all their entertainment  the final to paraphrase a well known bit of Glasgow chat was not Pure Dead, Braziliant and they had to be content with the runners up medals on this occasion. 

Picture (32) That Champion Feeling Mexico Players celebrate with the crowd as the Brazilian players wait for their runners up medals. 

Picture (33) As poetry rock star Jenny Lindsay is captured chatting to one of the rising stars of the spoken word scene at the Extra Second event at the Blue Chair Kieron Murphy poses for the camera.

Picture 34 Shows Molly McLachlan telling it like is at Extra Second. 

Picture 35 Shows a woman of words of and wisdom take an East End voice to the West End of Glasgow as Victoria McNulty demonstrates why I believe she is the best new talent on the Scottish poetry scene during her featured headline act at Cafe Rio on the last Monday of the month


Picture (36) If poetry is the new rock ‘n’ roll no one has told Gabriel Featherstone who is the best dressed comedian in the history of the Blue Chair where this picture was taken in the calm of summer’s evening whilst I was waiting for the fringe to start.


Picture (37) It could only happen in Glasgow. If you can’t afford a guard dog to watch your car get a seagull. Well there a lot more independent and there cheaper to feed. Whilst dogs demand their dinner this lot are happy with crumbs of comfort 

Picture (38) This is one of Glasgow’s top tourist attractions. As the Duke of Wellington sits outside the Gallery of Modern Art he’s always had a cone on his head for a good few years. So when the city’s ruling Labour Party tried to remove it the move was viewed with such anger by the local population that an imeadiate petition was started to demand they do no such thing and was signed by 15,000 angry Glaswegians. Now call us schemers if you like but I think the fact that Glasgow citizens have also given his horse a cone sends out a very clear message to our city guardians you may mess with us but you will never ever beat us.

Picture (39) Sees me posing for a selfie and that selfie resulted in me posting my first outfit of the day post. 

Picture (40) Was taken at the square as I call George Square on the final Saturday of the month at the latest march and rally for independence. The picture shows not only the flag of Scotland but those of Catalonia and Palestine which like Scotland are also ruled by governments which don’t have their interests at heart. Indeed in the case of Palestine the people are ruled by such a ruthless neighbur they would even make the Tories look good by comparison. 

Picture  (41 ) Shows a collection of motorbikes parked in the square that it would be a boy or girl racer’s dream. These however are no ordinary bikes they belong to Bikers For Yes who provide cracking displays for the independence movement whenever they are needed and always add to the occasion at all our marches. 

Picture (42) Shows some of the merchandise on sale at the stalls.

Picture (43)  This T-shirt has to be my favourite fashion item seen at the march. I think I’ll need to get one so that unionists will stay out of my way and keep at a respectful distance from me.  

Picture (44)  Has a very clear message and neither May or Corbyn or any of their heirs and successors  will ever be able to change it. We will never give up on our country and we will never be defeated. The fight will go on until they get this message loud and clear.  We are and always will be 

And finally Picture (45)  Was taken later on that evening  outside the Kings Theatre as the music had switched to music or to more specific musicals and I had enjoyed one of the  best ever shows I’ve ever seen as along with loads of other women of a certain age I rolled back.the years  at Jackie The Musical which was based on the popular magazine of that name which was compulsory reading for teenage girls for the 25 years between 1964 and 1989 and peaked in the 1970’s when the now fifty something women like myself made up the bulk of the Jackie Generation. This was a night of unashamed nostalgia when I and the rest of the audience which was about 97 per cent female and 90 per cent women who are now mums and even grans  found our singing voices as we travelled back to our youth remembered the golden days when all we had was puppy love and the occasional summer love sensation and Donny Osmond and the Bay City Rollers were the poster boys of our dreams

With this final picture I completed my journey through July and it’s fair to say that this month offered me more variety than I ever thought possible during a month which for me at least has always been one of my quieter periods  of the year. As I look back on my birth month I think I can say I had a enjoyable and entertaining time in which we lived life to the Mex as the world came to Glasgow and I said yes to memories made by music. 

Love And Best Wishes 

Gayle X 


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