A Stain On The Sunshine 

Hey Readers  It had to happen. This poem had been waiting to be written since the Orlando shootings earlier this year. I’ve given it the title Stain On The Sunshine I hope you enjoy what I hope is a challenging and thought provoking read. 

A Stain On The Sunshine. 

A rainbow is sprinkled with decorations 

a symbol of peace, of hope for a better humanity 

as Glasgow stood in dignified silence 

and remembered the slaughter in Orlando 

Why it happened we will never truly know 

was the killer fighting a war with himself 

against his same sex attraction 

or was he something more sinister

I and others  like me can only guess 

at the reasons why 49 innocents 

had to die as a pulse stopped beating 

in the middle of the dance 

as lovers kissed for one final time 

a nightclub became a crime scene 

and blood red wine stained the Florida sun 

meanwhile Glasgow wept at a world where 

the actions of one man caused pain 

beyond the comprehension.

of  those decent souls 

who are not blinded by prejudice and fear 

and now I understand in the clear of evening sky 

why I am what I am means so much to all  who are able to say it 

@ Gayle Smith 2016:


2 thoughts on “A Stain On The Sunshine 

  1. Good on you G.
    Thought i better report for duty since the fight for National Liberation (round two) looks as though it’s back on.

    • Cheers Graham. I think our National Liberation is one of the many fights we will need to have to create the fairer more equal world we seek to build.

      The forces of darkness are still among us and call themselves traditionalists rather than face up to being the reactionary right wing Conservatives we know them to be and in my view it’s the same forces who will oppose LGBTIQ equality as oppose an Independent Scotland, a United Ireland, or a Free Palestine.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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