Scotland Knew A Laing Time Ago Westminster Maths Were Flawed But Fringe Politicians Still Live In The Past In The Hope We’ll Go Back In Our Box

Hey Readers.

As the annual GERS report in to Scottish government finances shows Scotland’s economy currently running at a deficit I have no doubt that the more demented amongst the unionist community will be raising a glass of champange or perhaps more accurately swigging from a bottle of buckfast as they celebrate what they will attempt to justify as a vindication of the Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid to run our own country without the generous help of the benefits we gain from being part of the United Kingdom.

However if these career hacks and their barely literate assortment of acquaintances whose only interests are what they’ll be served on the gravy train or where their next shellsuit may come from l think for one minute that they can win this argument they are even more deluded than I thought they were and believe me that is not easy.

I say this because a straight talking former Corporol of the 2nd battalion the Parachute Regiment who is a fervent supporter of Scottish independence once told me never to under estimate the stupidity and servility of your average Scottish unionist. It was advice I had received earlier from my dad and my gran and that by the way was my mammy’s mammy and was already heeding, still it did no harm to have the message reinforced especially by a man voted from Castlemilk, who is exactly the type of voter that the British loyal Labour and unionist Party as he always called them would have taken for granted.

As if to prove the deadly accuracy of this assessment the more feral unionists who always take delight in talking Scotland down seem to conveniently forget that the report over which they are salivating was and I quote former Conservative Party Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Laing deliberately designed to make the case against any form of Scottish home rule unappealing to Scottish voters. This whether they like it or not is a fact and therefore this report will by its very nature always have a pro union bias thus taking away its credibility as an objective summary of Scotland’s economic performance.

I would also have thought if the unionists were going to lie to the people of Scotland they would at least have the brains to do it right but alas it seems I have greatly over estimated their powers of consistency. You see it was only two years ago this report claimed that Scotland’s deficit was running at £28 billion. This is a disaster for the unionists no matter how you look at because for it now only to be£14 billion means one of two things, either the SNP have a leadership of such genius we have halved our national deficit in just under two years, or and much more likely the GERS report is a pack of carefully manipulated lies.

Now I don’t know why, but despite the fact I am a card carrying member of the SNP or maybe even because of it, I favour the second option. You see it’s just a wee bit too suspicious to me that these figures take no account of Scotland’s contribution to what the unionists would call national projects from which our people will derive no economic , cultural, or social benefits. These include projects like the restoration of Westminster, The upgrade of the HS2 rail project which doesn’t come within 100 miles of the Scottish border, and hosting the toxic political viagra which our so-called UK leaders deemed to dangerous for a remote part of England yet feels is perfectly safe for the central belt of Scotland which is home to over half of the country’s population.

These statistics also ignore Scotland’s oil and whisky revenue which would and Westminster knows this wipe out any alleged debt overnight. To say otherwise is to mislead the people of Scotland and whilst on the subject of our national drink these figures do not account for the missing money which is syphoned from the Scottish economy and diverted to Westminster when whisky is taken from Scotland to be shipped from English ports so the profits go to the UK Government rather than the country in which it was produced.

This in my opinion is deception and a deliberate act of sabotage. Yet the more sycophantic unionists still try to claim we are better together what i want to know is who exactly is we they are referring to because if we were better together I’m pretty certain we would be feeling a lot happier in our so-called shared nation than we actually are and the SNP would not have won their third successive term in government and increased the number of constituency seats or the majority of Scottish seats in the UK general election of 2015. However living in the bubble of the press and media circus as unionist parties do means that somewhere to the north of cloud cuckoo land the unionists are desperately trying to cling on to the faded dream that they actually still matter and are ramping up the SNP Bad scare stories of which the GERS report is only but one example.

On the day of its release we had unionist politicians who need to get their names in the papers queuing up to bad mouth the SNP and the cause of independence despite the fact that these manufactured statistics only show how Scotland is performing as part of the United Kingdom and give no indication whatsoever of how we would perform as an independent country.

First up you had Labour in Scotland’s leader Kezia Dugdale who made the rather fanciful claim that the report illustrated that we are better together as it showed we benefit from the pooling and sharing of resources we get as part of this union. As if that wasn’t enough the giggle meter really crancked up to full blast with the appearance of the Liberal Democrats Scottish leader Willie Rennie who claimed that the case for independence was now dead.

Personally as someone who has spent a lot of her time at the Edinburgh Fringe in recent weeks I never knew Kezia and Willie were such gifted comedians I look forward to seeing their shows at the fringe next year I’m sure they will both be very entertaining. That said however, I feel I must correct them and especially Willie on the case for independence being dead as the only things which are dead in Scotland at this time are The Labour Party and The Liberal Democrats and that unlike their opinions on GERS that is a fact and the parties concerned have little or no chance of recovery any time soon. Part of the reason for there bloody and brutul massacres at the hands of Scottish voters was due to their bad mathematics You see only fools would argue that and 14 billion pound deficit which I have proved doesn’t really exist when Scotland’s money ceases to be used for Westminster vanity projects is such an enormous black home that it would stop a nation from.existing whereas a 1.6 trillion debt is not a black hole but is merely a deficit. This to me is illustrates a level of incompetence so death defyingly stupid that those who support this argument should not be allowed to be leading a queue for a bus never mind a nation.

So I say to my friends and fellow yes voters not to panic over these figures they were made by Westminster for Westminster and a few fringe politicians and if you’ll forgive the pun we knew that a Laing time ago. You see with Scotland’s parliament being set up as a devolved administration, it is a fact whether the Brits like it or not that it can’t run at a deficit. This however is a fact that an arrogant punch drunk unionist elite are relying on you not to know. You see they need to keep Scots ignorant of the facts to carry on with their little power games and the reason they are getting so vicious in their self loathing hysteria, is because they know the Scots who have have had a longer nap than the sleeping beauty are beginning to wake up and realise John Bull is no prince charming. We have also realised that since the deficit we would be allegedly running at was made by Westminster then it should be paid by Westminster.

To argue to the contrary and against the interests of your people shows the kind of disturbing and delusional tendencies that only the most calculated sociopaths possess.I concede that if the SNP or any other pro independence party had been in coalition with any of the Westminster governments at UK level then Scotland then they may have some liability for the shared debt that was acquired during that specific period but since was not the case then it can I believe be successfully argued that Scotland had no say in accruing the deficit especially since the British establishment are so fond of referring to our country as a region of the United Kingdom rather than a nation within a family of nations.

Therefore by examining this argument in detail I have I believe shown by use of things such as fact reason rather than the unionist it’s right because we say it is school of thought that this is Westminster’s deficit and Westminster and only Westminster should be forced by the international monetary fund if necessary to pay it in full. The days of unionists bullying Scotland are over and over for good. This has been proven not only by their defeat but by the scale of their defeat I would have thought that they would have got that message by now but alas on planet union the self serving and self deluded are still on full bully mode in spite of the comprehensive thrashings they received at the Westminster and Holyrood elections. Like drunks in the gutter who shout at the moon and dares to tell the stars to leave the dark night sky they still cling on yesterday in the vain and futile that the dawn will never come.

Now I hate to be cruel but someone needs to tell them there are of four nations in these islands and we all need to move on. It’s time they were told to stop living in the past and face a future where the people of our nations may actually get along better because the empire is finished and it will never return no matter how much the unionists want it to.

You see the problem the unionists have to face is actually really a simple one, they want to win the future by living in the past and can’t understand why this is doomed to fail. This kind of attitude may have worked in a pre referendum Scotland before 2007 but not anymore we have awakened from our long sleep and we won’t going back in our box. We have discovered a world outside of Westminster and decided we are going to be part of it and no amount of bad mathematics is going to stop us fulfilling our dream and building a better tomorrow.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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