Listening Not Lecturing Is The Best Way To Win

Hey Readers

This morning Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon unveiled what she called the biggest listening exercise in her party’s history as she launched the National Survey as part of her drive to win more support for Independence.

Not surprisingly this provoked a furious reaction from unionist politicians who take delight in reminding us of the fact that we had a referendum two years and lost it and so in there bizarre world that should be the end of the matter.

Unfortunately for the unioniss the world doesn’t work in the same way they do, you know where everyone is happy little Brits  and lives in Downtown Abbey. In the real world circumstances change due to results of real events and time moves on. Now I know the Westminster establishment  may not like to hear this but I really couldn’t gave a damn what they think. There opinions are no longer relevant to me or to Scotland the Brexit vote to leave the European Union saw to that.

I make this point because I remember only too clearly how unionists ramped up the fear factor during the last independence referendum by telling the voters that an Independent Scotland would not be allowed entry in to the European Union and that the only way to guarantee Scotland remaining in the EU was to vote no and I have no doubt this played well for them on polling day and when combined with other promises made at this time such as The Vow to deliver the most powerful devolved parliament in the world and a commitment to maintain shipbuilding on the Clyde all of which have now been broken were enough to get them over the winning line

This means that there has been a material change in circumstances since that black day of 2014 and Scotland must now look again at the national question especially since we voted to remain in Europe by a far more convincing margin than the unionists managed to achieve for their better together campaign.

Make no mistake the unionist political class will try to undermine Scotland’s status at every opportunity given to them by a sycophantic press and media who fear a loss of power and influence in a post independent Scotland.

It is for these reasons that the national survey which is the political consultation exercise ever to be undertaken in Scotland is a good idea You see like it or not and believe me I don’t, we lost the last referendum, so if we want to win next time we need to reach out to those voters who didn’t cross the line in 2014 and the best way to do it is by listening to their concerns. You see I believe the more you  listen to others with differing opinions from your own the more you learn from them. This will make it easier it to address their fears and persuade them of the merits of your case. 

I conclude this post by declaring an  interest in the result of this survey. I do this with a party card in my purse. As a member of the SNP I hope my party will listen to the people of Scotland even it if produces a result which we may not actually like. I state this as many people  I have spoken to including friends of all political colours are suffering from voter fatigue so this though not desirable is certainly possible and should that happen the result of the findings much be respected. The eventual prize for doing so is far too important for it  not to be the case. 

Love And Best Wishes 

Gayle X 


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