16 Cinderella’s

Hey Readers


This poem is dedicated to the most magnificent group of women I have ever been privileged enough to be part of.

This group for those who don’t know is the fierce women who took the poetry library to new places when we performed there on the opening day of the 2016 Edinburgh fringe. This was a day when new friends were made and existing friendships strengthened , it was a day when we celebrated womanhood in all its glorious diversity.

It was if I’m honest one of my best ever days as a poet and as a woman and as I said earlier it was a day was privileged to be part of and I would like to take this chance to thank Lesley Traynor for organising such an excellent event. It is in celebration of this wonderful day that I have written this poem which I have titled 16 Cinderella’s. I hope you enjoy the read.

16 Cinderella’s

It was the event to start them all
16 Cinderella’s had a ball
with no Prince Charming
to claim he was the main attraction
as women and as poets
we carved a slice of the action
for ourselves
and voiced our thoughts
with those willing to listen
to our carefully crafted rhymes
we shared this time together friendship’s were formed
and memories made
on that day in the still of an afternoon
in a place where poets meet
but be under no illusions
we weren’t sugar sweet
we were loud proud and fierce
there was power in the truths we spoke
we rocked and believe me
I heard the castle shake
and some would be literary suitors
quake in their boots
our sentences grounded
by the roots our foremothers planted
with care, tenderness, and wisdom
there was no fairytale kingdom
no magic spells nor potions
no hero was required
all we desired was to be seen
heard and respected
our poems were carefully selected
to showcase a word
that made us the women we are
equality, passion, and transformation,
provided inspiration
for our voices, joys , and spirits,
to be expressed in the creation of original art
as we opened our minds and our hearts
we learned from each other
discovered how powerful we can be
when we allow ourselves to imagine a better world
where women and girls
will smash every kind of ceiling
ever created to frustrate us
and stop us being the best we can
we showed not that we needed to
that we are the equal of any man
be it Romeo, Rambo, or Desperate Dan
Peter Pan or any other
you care to name
you will see us
you will hear us
you will remember our names
we are women and we are fierce
no man will make us small
we are 16 Cinderella’s
and as from now
we will decide who gets a ticket for any ball we attend

@ Gayle Smith 2016


7 thoughts on “16 Cinderella’s

  1. Such a beautiful poem Gayle, you honestly have such a talent!, your way with words is just pure perfection!
    Love always ❤

    • Hey Amie. I’m really glad you enjoyed this poem. It captures the memory of a truly inspirational and empowering day as women celebrated the bonds of poetry and friendship with some truly amazing performances in which we spoke our truths to power . I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply your comment but as its National Poetry Day I’ve been out at events for most of the day.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

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