Appetite For Change

Hey Readers

On Saturday I along with 7,000 others  attended a march for Scottish independence as
we took to the streets of Glasgow in the name of a better Scotland. This was a march for which many unionists claimed  there was no appetite. This poem gives them their answer I have had called it Appetite For Change I hope you enjoy the read.

Appetite For Change

We were told by unionist politicians
and those devoid of ambition
except for themselves
not to bother marching
the people were fed up
of Salmond and Sturgeon
and we should get over it
accept we lost
stop being rebel Scots
and focus instead
on the bigger picture
because real politics is only done at Westminster
we should stick more parochial matters
and let the chattering classes
how much money we should get
for our wee pretend parliament
and while we are it
we should focus on housing and health
which they say are failing
despite the fact that investment
in these areas is at levels
no unionist administration
ever achieved
though the self deluded tendency
would have you believe
there is no appetite
for another referendum
they are of course lying
and statistics are the weapons
to shoot their argument
you see these servants of the crown
conveniently forget
that whilst unionist parties
lose members by the day
it is the cause they would like to wish away
which gains respect
both the Westminster and Hollyrood elections
resulted in the SNP gaining strength and seats
our cause may have been set back
on that September morning
but far from being crushed
the support we had won
sent them a warning
which it would be most unwise to ignore
they will not bore us into submission
their union of kingdoms is fragmenting
and I don’t think they get
that lions never lose sleep
over the opinions of sheep
we will march on our streets
the streets of a nation reclaimed
no longer ashamed
to speak our truth to power
Scotland will flower
and you will see
a nation proud fair and free
which will march forward to the future
not back to the past
unlike their British day
where buckfast and sashes
fuel prejudice against Catholics
especially if their Irish
so much for their united kingdom
and the inclusion they claim to support in their green and pleasant land
so let them understand these words
from Charles Stuart Parnell
‘no man has the right to fix
boundaries on the march
of a nation
saying this far you will go
but you can go no further ‘
we are on a journey
and they’ll be no turning back
we will walk
with a hunger for justice
and an appetite for change

@ Gayle Smith 2016



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