A Good Capsule Wardrobe Is A Timeless Collection

Hey Readers.


I think I must be feeling brave as after four years of blogging I’ve finally decided to write up my first ever outfit of the day post

The picture was taken last night in Glasgow city centre as I made my way to my usual Wednesday evening of cultural shenanigans at The Blue Chair.

The jacket which is a subtle pin stripe though still in good condition was actually bought about six years years ago from Dorothy Perkins in the summer sale. So it’s fair to say I’ve had my  share of wear out of it.

The same can be said of my purple top which was bought from River Island a few years ago. I’ve  always believe in getting value for money and I’ve certainly got it from this top which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear though I usually wear it more when I’m going to some sort of event it fits in to the smart or smart causal looks that I tend to like so much.

My skirt, also from River Island is one of my recent purchases. I  bought it last Thursday night, when I was taking a causal stroll round the Buchanan Galleries before heading to the Blue Chair for the Extra Second spoken word night.

I really like the length of this skirt, and that it’s such a comfortable fit. This is a big issue for me as I like my fashion to be comfy enough not to cause me pain every time I move and I certainly don’t want one with an independent mind which decides to go for a walk south of my hips whenever it takes the mood. Yes I know this may put in a minority of one but I like neither tight nor baggy looks I much prefer my clothes particularly my skirts and dresses to hold in all my bulges and believe me ladies I do have a booty going on. 

As for the frill at the bottom of it let’s just say this detail adds to the feminine sophistication of it. This is something I would wear to a poetry event or perhaps a night at the theatre. To me this skirt which was a bargain at only £20 is one to wear when I want to make an impression.

Talking of making an impression  you can’t fail to notice I’m wearing a pair of tartan tights. These tights were one of three pairs I bought from Tartan House in Argyle Street. I bought them on the night after the Brexit vote to cheer myself up and of course to give this blog some shameless advertising. I have to say that at £9.99 per pair I got myself a bargain.

This pair are in Thomson tartan and given my footballing leanings will when teamed up with a mint green top and black skirt be perfect  to wear when the hoops take on Rangers in our annual battles which reconvene  this season after a four year absence.

My shoes are the most recent of all my purchases in this outfit and they are also the most expensive but these are shoes made to last and £69 from Hotter I consider them to be not just footwear but an investment.  Trust me Hotter is the place to go if you want quality shoes and which are both comfortable and hard wearing and they also have the added bonus doing half sizes which are a godsend for girls like me who so often had to choose between a size 5 which can often be a tight squeeze and a 6 which I would be more than likely to walk out of. 

Last but not least it’s back to River Island for my handbag which I bought on the day of the Homeless World Cup Finals. This was my most essential recent purchase as my two most recent bags had died within the previous seven days. The minute I saw this bag I knew I had to have it as it’s the perfect size for me since I’ve always liked  my bags to be a bit on large side. Such is the truth of the fact  my flatmate says my ideal size of bag  a mobile house. I’ve heard some of my friends refer to my style of bag as a Mary Poppins bag in which you can fit everything but the kitchen sink and this one has so many compartments it can’t fail to tick all the boxes for me.  As for the price of the bag I think at £47 it represents a bargain. Well I’ve  always viewed fashion as a long term  investment and believe that if you want quality womenswear you need to shop around. So that’s what I did and I think I’ve shown that a good capsule wardrobe is a timeless collection that every woman needs.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


4 Replies to “A Good Capsule Wardrobe Is A Timeless Collection”

    1. Hey Claire I agree I love purple. It works well for me like it worked for Donny Osmond when his pictures were plastered over my bedroom wall. I love my new bag, as soon as I saw it in River Island I knew I had to have it. Well it’s just so me, and they really do have a cracking selection of bags at the moment. I don’t know what it is about River Island just now but I seem to be in there a lot. I’ve bought three skirts and a couple of tops there in the last couple of months.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

  1. Good post, Gayle. I agree that you don’t need wodges of dosh to dress well, just an eye and a bit of flair (which might or might not incorporate flare!) Agree about Hotters – having the feet of a giant duck, I have to look for herring boxes without topses. It does pay to spend a bit more on shoes and the odd investment piece. Many of my clothes are hand-ons or charity shop buys; how we dress is a form of art, in my view, presenting to the world a picture of who we think we are and how we like to colour and decorate that image. It is a first-world luxury, of course, to be able to do so, but having been brought up when there was no such thing as cheap clothing, I revel in the fact that I can be as theatrical or as self-effacing as I feel at the moment! Look forward to future blogs on the subject.

    1. Hey Suzanne Thanks for your encouraging words on this post. I was really nervous about writing on fashion and particularly on my personal style. It felt like I was putting myself out there but it seems to have been very well received. I’m glad your looking forward to more posts on the subject because I will be posting on it in future and plan to make it a semi regular feature. Well it’s time to cover more female topics on my blog to more accurately the woman I am.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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