If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words It Can Show My Political Colours

Hey Readers

Last Saturday I attended two flash demonstrations at the Buchanan Street steps to fight against two of the greatest evils in any civilised society. The first was to oppose the renewal of trident nuclear missile system which is based less than 30 miles from my home.

To say that I hate these weapons of mass murder with a burning fury would I think be the understatement to end them all. So it was good to see my political comrade sisters Frances McGlinchy and Catherine Baird (see picture 1) voice their opposition to the renewal of these evil instruments of death which are so hated in Scotland and so beloved by that parcel of rogues at Westminster.

Picture (1) Frances McGlinchy in green jacket and Catherine Baird in red showing their political colours and uniting in common cause.


Like Frances and Catherine I too believe that the removal of these disgusting obscene weapons of death and destruction from Scottish soil are of paramount importance. Indeed to me they are and remain such a red flag that they were one of the main reasons I voted yes in the 2014 independence referendum. Believe me I am proud of my yes vote and will gladly repeat it over and over again at any and every opportunity until the Butcher’s apron of the union flag or as Frankie Boyle so rightly calls it the Jolly Roger is taken down from the mast for the final time. You see I can’t and won’t stand by and watch the wanton destruction of my nation just so some pompous deluded fools who if they even had a penny to their name would still have more money than sense get their political viagra to make them feel like big boys

To me having these weapons does not make you hard it makes you look impotent in the eyes of the world. To anyone who suggests otherwise especially the imperialist wing of The Labour Party, I ask only this if nuclear weapons really were a deterrent why were they powerless to stop 9/11, 7/7 or the more recent attacks in Paris, and Nice?

This is a question those who support this evil can never answer just as they can never justify why these weapons are stored directly in the line of Scotland’s biggest population centre when there are far less densely populated areas of England and Wales where they could be stored with far less threat to human life.

Not that I would advocate they be stored in these areas however. You see I believe the only safe place to store them is in the dustbin of history as being a friendly and sociable neighbour I wish the people of England and Wales no harm only the sovereignty to become independent nations with whom we enjoy comradely relations as they take the decisions which they believe to be in the best interests of their citizens.

As the trident demonstration ended many of attending stayed in place to support refugees and asylum seekers and reject the evils of racism. Like trident, racism has the capacity to destroy lives as by singling out those the dominant group sees as other it demonises who don’t fit their narrow view of what society should be.

As picture 2 illustrates people travelled from far and wide to stand against xenophobia for example Fife People’s Assembly were proud to stand beside us on the steps. I loved this banner as it clearly states a powerful anti austerity message against government cuts. This is an important message to get across at anti racist demonstration as it is more often that those at the sharpest end of such cuts who are targeted by the forces of racism as they seek to recruit from the economically and socially marginalised members of society.


Picture 2. The Fife People’s Assembly

Our next picture shows two banners both with equally important messages. On the right, the red banner proclaims support from the Glasgow campaign to support refugees, whilst on the left there is a banner with a very important not just for refugees but for all of us and that message is no justice no peace. This to me symbolises there can be no justice for anyone until there is peace for us all.


Picture 3 Spreading The Word And The Good News Of Glasgow Refugees Are Welcome In This City.

I followed this up with arguably my favourite image of either of the demonstrations which captures Glasgow Green Party councillor Martha Wardrope in full flow as she delivered and passionate yet measured speech against the rise of racism and xenophobia which is currently sweeping Europe and for the first time in decades making inroads in to Scottish and British society. Under her party banner and standing next to one which encouraged us to stand up to racism and fascism Martha warned of the dangers of scapegoating others and the places that could take us. The fact that she did this, not in a loud aggressive manner but with a reasoned respectable voice made her argument all the more powerful.

As you can see Martha is right in the centre of the steps and this gives you the best panoramic view of the surrounding environment and the shot gives a good view of both The Royal Concert Hall and John Lewis which you could say is the very place where culture meets consumerism.

Picture 4 Martha Wardrope Addresses The Crowd At The Anti Racist Demonstration


My final photograph shows two flags flying in the cool of an afternoon breeze. On the left we have the banner of the Scottish Green Party whose principled brand of environmental politics has won them many admirers in recent years. Meanwhile on the right we have a rainbow flag with the word peace emblazoned at the centre of it. This to me was the best flag of the day as the rainbow has room for all colours and within it. This is a highly appropriate flag an anti racist demonstration and the peace message is perfect not only for this cause but to tell the warmongers who support that we don’t want their killing machines on the Clyde or anywhere else on earth.

Picture 5 A Tale Of Two Flags Where The Green Global Commonwealth Has Room For All Colours.


Well that’s me told my story of a very enjoyable Saturday where my principles meant I had to speak out against the weapons of fear. Be it Trident , be it racism or any other form of injustice you can be sure I’ll have something to say about it and believe me I’ll never shirk from saying it as I see it.

As conclude my review of two important protests I hope you’ve enjoyed my descriptions and my images I’ve used to capture the spirit of the day. I would also like to think that if a picture paints a thousand words it can show my political colours and maybe just maybe make it easier for you to see the circumstances which made me the woman I am and shaped my political journey.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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