Media Commentator

Hey Readers

This poem was inspired by reading the thoughts of Scottish rapper and spoken word artist Darren Loki McGarvey who said in his most recent article that the Scottish Liberal establishment sneer at working class culture. Now whilst I don’t agree with Loki on every issue I certainly agree with him on this one and reading his polemic set me thinking on media commentators and their attitudes to working class communities. This resulted in me collecting my thoughts until I was furious enough to write this poem which I have titled Media Commentator. I hope you enjoy the read and go on to read the article that inspired it.

Media Commentator

Don’t  you really  hate it when a media commentator
likes to claim to everyone
that he knows their hopes and fears
he says it as he sees it
though it’s only his opinion
but his opinion matters
and he says it has for years

The media commentator
is the voice of public outrage
though nobody I’ve ever known
has given him permission
to boldly speak on their behalf
on any chosen topic
the media commentator
is an object of derision

The media commentator
believes that he’s an expert
because his pals have told him 
they think he’s really clever
the rest of us are getting bored
when his arse does the talking
this media commentator
is a spokesman for whatever

No matter what subject is
he’ll offer his opinion
he’ll offer up solutions
on a host of different themes
see me I’ve got a message
for the media commentator
it’s time to leave your keyboard
and meet people in the schemes

Yes people, decent people
who are struggling to cope
with a government who every day
are becoming more remote
it’s time for all the political class
to end this media commentary
and take real action starting now
on housing, health, and poverty

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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