Man Of Many Faces

Hey Readers

For the first time since 2007 when he finally left Downing Street I have written a poem on Tony Blair. Well in the light of Chilcott enquiry I thought it was appropriate to give the man his character and believe me when I say I haven’t missed my target.  I’ve given it the title Man Of Many Faces I hope you enjoy the read. 

Man Of Many Faces

He seemed charming
on his rise to the top
but I sensed a darkness
in the sociopathic socialist
I was never impressed by fake humility
nor his false airs and graces
a man of many faces
he was versed in the habits of disguise
lies dressed up as truths
were the tools of his trade
wherever there were games
to be played
he would always watch others
joining in only when he knew what side looked like winning
his cheesy grins and  sanctimonious smiling
convinced the gullible of silver linings
though it must be said I wasn’t taken in
by the man who craved power
at any cost
no matter what happened to others
in the ashes of Iraq
the man of many faces
lies exposed
as the last mask slipped
to reveal the face of evil.

@ Gayle Smith 2016


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