I’m Finally Wearing Tartan Tights And Living Up To My Name

Hey Readers

It’s official after years of procrastination I finally succumbed and bought myself a pair of tartan tights. Well I thought a girl has to live up to her blog and this seems as good a time as any.

The fact I brought three pairs all different tartans Douglas, Henderson, and Thomson being the clans concerned on the night after Brexit and was assisted in my purchases by articulate intelligent girls from Finland and Venezuela.

This brought an international flavour to a Friday night in which the united kingdom became more disunited than at any time it’s history and the fact that campaign for a second independence referendum was launched in all but name was I  think  an added bonus. At least it was for this Scot who has always believed herself to be a good global citizen who believes in freedom and fairness for all nations and wants to live in an inclusive nation. 

I wore my new prized Douglas tartan tights (see picture below) to an event in the west end the next day and whereas I may have expected a passing comment in the east end where I now reside or the north of the city where I was born and raised they so much as raised an eyelid in the coffee shops of Byres Road or the pubs of Ashton Lane. Well the west end with its higher than average student population is much more cosmopolitan in outlook in comparison to the rest of Glasgow so to see a middle aged women wearing tartan tights is far less pass remarkable in those circumstances. In fact let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought that instead of wearing my heart on my sleeve I was wearing my political beliefs on my legs.


After giving them a break and a quick wash on Sunday I wore them again on Monday night to an event in Edinburgh. It was whilst I was on the train I noticed that there was a speck of mud on them but as the girls who were seated opposite me said when I pointed out this fashion crime the woman hasn’t left the house with bogging or laddered tights isn’t really one of the girls she’s more like a carbon copy of Barbie.

Being a Glasgow girl I prefer to look a bit more real and though this may not have been my preferred look it was one I could cope with. You see I’ve waited too long to let the little things bother me. I am a happy confident woman who is at ease with myself and comfortable in my skin and it’s that confidence which allowed me to claim my female bragging rights, wear my tartan tights and live up to the title of my blog.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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